'Iconic' Heinz Beanz Pizza to return this month - and fans are delighted

food, 'iconic' heinz beanz pizza to return this month - and fans are delighted

Heinz is bringing back its Beanz Pizza

Heinz Beanz Pizza is making a return to supermarket shelves this month – but only for a limited time.

The food giant is set to re-release the “iconic” product from the 1990s. The quirky dish is expected to fill many Brits with nostalgia, as they disappeared from stores back in 2003.

The pizza will now make its return in Iceland stores and will be sold as a frozen ready meal from November 14, costing £3. Heinz says the product will be available until the end of November.

A number of people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the return of the Beanz Pizza – and users appeared to have mixed opinions, reports The Mirror. One said: “YES! Since you stopped making them I’ve been putting beans on my pizzas. Not quite the same, but filled the void.”

Another added: “At last they’re back!!!”. And a third wrote: “Now that’s a winner winner beans pizza for dinner.”

But some were less impressed with the news. One said: “There is nothing classic about that monstrosity. Beans are awful, the sauce they come in is awful and putting them on pizza (which is amazing), is a travesty the likes of which has never, hopefully, been seen before.”

Another Twitter user suggested a cheaper way to make the product at home. He said: “Or just buy a cheap cheese pizza, add your own beans and voila I’ve saved you £2.50. Cost of living crisis over.”

However, one shopper was disappointed the product wasn’t a permanent addition to the Heinz collection. She said: “What is the point of bringing them back then stopping them at end of November? Keep them for good not just for a month how ridiculous.”

The news comes as Heinz released a new range of burgers, hash browns, and chilli bowls. Its new selection of products include a Heinz Beanz Burger, Heinz Beanz Bowls, a first-ever Heinz Beanz-based frozen ready meal range and Heinz Beanz-filled hash browns.

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