Irosin Sorsogon Hot Spring

After the island hopping experience in Matnog Sorsogon, it was time to go back to the mainland and explore the other parts of the province.

Early morning, we arrived at Matnog port and traveled for another hour to our next destination.

“We’re going to the hot spring! Yeah!”

The hot spring was just perfect for us! The long hours of land travel from Manila, as well as the lack of sleep has really made us all tired. Of course, we were full of energy because we were traveling, but we couldn’t deny the fact that we all need to rest for a while and relax.

From the main road we turned right towards San Benon, a narrow road passing through some lush green trees. There are hot springs in Irosin because it sits at the base of an active volcano, Mt. Bulusan.

explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring


explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring

The Mateo Hot Spring Resort offers some hot spring pools and also rooms for visitors.

The pool was so warm that it relaxed my tired muscles (and fats. Haha!) Every pool has a level of temperature, but we settled to the one that gave us that really warm feeling. Actually the part where water from the mountain flows directly to the pool was hot. A fellow traveler even told us we could all make some coffee there. LOL!

But once you relaxed and let it calm your body, you’ll get used to the temperature.

There’s no other way to enjoy the hot spring but to spend some wacky moments with friends. Aside from us, it was really nice to see group of friends and relatives also enjoying their weekend.

explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring

Group shot! Photo Credit: Nhel Montuya

explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring

Swimming underwater and taking photos was another thing we enjoyed there. The clear water really made the pictures looking great!

explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring

That’s MJ and Ken. Photo Credit: Nhel Montuya

We tried all pools from the normal temperature to the warmest.

There’s this small pool in the resort where the water was hot. Yes, I couldn’t categorize that as warm anymore. Haha! They said that it’s the same temperature that is enjoyed by some spas in Japan or in Korea. It is seldom to see anyone getting a dip there. And I couldn’t blame them, it was really hot! Haha! The moment my feet touched the water, I instantly pulled back. Haha!

But Glen, one who literally endured the temperature, gave us some tip. “Just dip your whole body, calm your mind and don’t make unnecessary movement. Move slowly. Focus.” He said.

So I followed his instructions and yes I was able to do it. It was just really about mind over body kind of thing. Haha! But we were all laughing when one of the group said that the water temperature has already cooked up our balls. Haha! So before we ended up having some hard boiled eggs, we left and walked more to explore the place.

explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring
explore, travel, irosin sorsogon hot spring

We left the place feeling relaxed and feeling so clean. The warm water opens up your pores feeling your skin is really clean to the point that it looks glowing. Naks

The hot spring has really good benefits for the body.

If you’re looking for a different experience, a level up to the usual swim to the pool. You must visit San benon in Irosin and try their hot spring!

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