It Now Costs More To Skip The Line At Disney World — The New Price Of Genie+

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The Lightning Lane entryway for Spaceship Earth at EPCOT; Lightning Lane access can be purchased in the Disney Genie+ app.Photo credit: Kent Phillips / Disney

It just got a little more expensive to skip the line at some of the most popular rides and attractions at Disney parks.

Earlier this week, both Walt Disney World and Disneyland raised their prices on the Disney Genie+ service that was introduced last year as part of a ride reservation system overhaul at its parks.

That overhaul eliminated the popular FastPass, FastPass+, and MaxPass services. Instead, Genie+ allows visitors to reserve times for attractions using the Lightning Lane service.

How Much The Prices Changed

At Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Genie+ now costs between $15 and $22 per guest each day — up from $15 per person — a spokesperson told USA Today. The price will fluctuate depending on how busy the parks are on any given day, and they will also vary depending on the date and even day of the week, according to the park’s website.

A Disney spokesperson also told USA Today that “prices are subject to change” after this month.

Meanwhile, at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Genie+ prices start at $25 per guest per day, which is up from $20, according to the park’s website.

And, of course, fast access to some of the most popular Disney attractions is only possible using those attractions’ Lightning Lanes to skip lines. It now appears that the Lightning Lane fees will soon increase, at least on busier days, according to Deadline.

A Look Ahead

While the price increase for Genie+ may or may not come as a surprise to you, the reality is that it’s highly unlikely the price won’t climb again in the future. After all, the service is extremely popular with park attendees.

Indeed, Josh D’Amaro — chairman of Disney parks, experiences, and products — recently said that sales of Genie+ are “doing phenomenally well.” Furthermore, in a survey of park visitors who bought Genie+, 70 percent of the respondents said they will make the purchase again when they return to the theme park.

“So we know we’re on to something with this,” D’Amaro said. “It was a change to the system, so there’s going to be some reaction to it, which we would expect. But we know when a guest does buy it, they’re getting what they paid for, and they’re feeling really good about it.”

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