K-Pop Merch PH: Where to Buy Official Merchandise

Regardless of mother tongue, K-pop fans around the world share a language beyond words. For many fans in the Philippines, collecting K-pop merch is one of the countless ways we feel connected to our favourite artists in Korea. This is precisely why many of us are willing to splurge our hard-earned money on albums, lightsticks, photo cards, plushies, and other products.

There are several ways to buy official K-pop merch in the Philippines; but if you prefer to go the easy route, you can simply browse for authentic products on Shopee.

Official K-pop merch stores in Shopee PH

Before adding all you want to your cart, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Are you looking for fan-made items? Cheap dupes? Or are you ready to invest in official K-pop merch?

For the record: Online shopping platforms like Shopee have a wide variety of all of the above. But if you want to support your favourite K-pop artists through investing in official merch, then make sure you’re purchasing only from trusted stores in the Philippines. This said, here are some of our trusted K-pop merch stores in Shopee PH.

1. N.CAT Philippines

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Listed under Shopee Mall, N.CAT Philippines is a trusted K-pop merch shop with physical stores across the Philippines. While mostly known for its Korean-inspired accessories, this store also sells official K-pop merch.

On its Shopee page, you can find both pre-order and onhand albums, lightsticks, photo books, and other products. The N.CAT account also has special categories for NCT, Twice, Blackpink, BTS, Red Velvet, and TXT merch.

Shop here.

2. CNA Philippines

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Another Shopee Mall store, CNA Philippines offers all things K-pop, K-beauty, and K-fashion. So if you’re interested in these three, maximise the shipping costs and browse through their account!

CNA Philippines holds K-pop merch — the majority of which are albums and lightsticks — from a wide range of artists, including Blackpink, NCT, TWICE, BTS, and IU. Aside from official K-pop merch, the store’s best-selling products include beauty face masks, hand creams, and instant noodles — all imported from Korea, of course.

Shop here.

3. Fatirk Shop

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If you’re a K-pop merch collector in the Philippines, you might have encountered Fatirk Shop one way or another. Selling an overwhelming amount of K-pop merch, this Shopee store is a go-to for many fans in the country. If buying albums is your priority, then you must have this account bookmarked.

Fatirk Shop’s products come from South Korea straight to your doorstep. User reviews prove that they always arrive in excellent condition, with a reasonable delivery time at that. Most of their merch also come in different variants, so whether you prefer an album without a poster or an album set, they have your back.

Shop here.

4. Kpop Merch PH

K-Pop Merch PH is well-known among several fandoms. Their Shopee store offers official merch of TWICE, BTS, Blackpink, NCT, Treasure, Seventeen, Enhypen, TXT, and EXO.

Based in Korea, K-Pop Merch PH offers albums, plushies and figurines, concert DVDs, and other authentic items. User reviews attest that K-Pop Merch PH is one of the best resellers available in the Philippines if you want to get your hands on official merch as soon as possible.

Shop here.

5. Nabi Shoppe

Nabi Shoppe calls itself a “one-stop-shop for affordable K-Pop albums, merchandise, and cosmetics.” The Shopee account mostly sells onhand products, meaning you can get your purchases immediately. For pre-orders, customers are redirected to their official website.

explore, travel, k-pop merch ph: where to buy official merchandise
For fans on a budget, Nabi Shoppe is a great option for buying tingi items. While the store sells official and sealed albums and lightsticks, they also offer authentic photo cards, posters, and unofficial products.

Shop here.

6. Syschoice

Syschoice started out as a shop purely for BTS merchandise in the Philippines. So if you browse through their Shopee page, you will find a wide variety of BTS, TinyTAN, and BT21 products, as well as clothing items in collaboration with BTS.

On that note, Syschoice has also expanded its collection and now offers merch by other K-pop groups, including Treasure, TWICE, Stray Kids, Super Junior, and BLACKPINK.

Shop here.

7. Nasieoseo

From fashion items to mobile accessories to stickers and stationery, Nasieoseo sells official K-pop merch straight from Korea to the Philippines. So if you’re looking for novelty items to add to your collection, this is a trusted seller you can support.

Looking for a new pajama set for your next Zoom slumber party? Why not go for BTS’ Life Goes On Music Video ensembles? A brand beloved by ARMY, Nasieoseo mostly sells BTS and BT21 merchandise — Jungkook’s iconic hanbok, anyone? — but you can definitely find other K-pop albums here, too.

Shop here.

As we always like to remind ourselves, our love for our favourite Korean artists isn’t defined by the amount of K-pop merch we own. But if you have the means to purchase and the desire to grow your collections, these K-pop merch stores in Shopee PH provide a convenient and accessible way for us to express our support.

All images credited to Shopee.

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