Ken Block Shows Off Audi S1 Hoonitron in ‘Electrikhana’

Block finally takes his Gymkhana series electric.

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  • Ken Block shows off his battery-electric Audi Hoonitron on the latest installment of his Gymkhana video series.
  • Block’s Hoonitron is based on Audi’s legendary Sport Quattro but now features a pair of electric motors and hardly any stock, vintage Audi Quattro pieces.
  • Block’s Electrikhana uses Las Vegas, Nevada, as its backdrop and features some of Sin City’s best known landmarks.

    Ken Block’s wildly popular Gymkhana series has seen stage rally cars, all-wheel-drive Ford Mustangs, and one ’77 Ford pickup truck. The common denominator in all of these videos is the fuel-burning, internal-combustion engines that help Block shred tires and do wild stunts. Well, the time has come: just like Bob Dylan at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, Block has taken his Gymkhana series electric and shreds tires with his new Hoonitron.

    For those who missed its debut, the 800-volt Hoonitron is based on the legendary Audi S1 Sport Quattro. Though, the Hoonitron is far removed from the Sport Quattro’s factory build and now sports no shortage of carbon fiber, aero bits and, most importantly, a pair of electric motors. Audi hasn’t mentioned how much power the all-wheel-drive Hoonitron has, but it’s a lot.

    Electrikhana shows Block pushing his Hooniton through the usual Gymkhana stunts, but with Las Vegas as the backdrop. Naturally, the video shows off some of Sin City’s finest attractions between stunts and even has a cameo from Elvis Presley. While this video features most of what you’d love from the Gymkhana series, the distinct lack of a screaming engine does change the mood. Instead, you have the whirr of powerful electric motors and slipping tires.

    Even with the missing engine noise, this shows that electric cars can be fun. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a tire-shredding EV do some wild stunts, but this is the first showing of Block’s Audi in anger. Check it out for yourself in the video above.

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