Krystal, 2 Chainz Recruit Brittany Renner In “Side Chik” Sandwich Campaign

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Krystal, 2 Chainz Recruit Brittany Renner In “Side Chik” Sandwich Campaign

Southern burger franchise Krystal, has launched its new “Side Chik” chicken sandwich with the help of its new marketing head, 2 Chainz, and social media influencer Brittany Renner. The newest addition to their menu follows the Pretty Girls Love Trap Music rapper’s recent recruitment to work with the original quick-service restaurant chain.

“I wanted to have some type of strong alignment to the product that was on the menu,” 2 Chainz told VIBE exclusively. “When I first came along, I couldn’t honestly say that it was something that I would eat, and so finding something on the menu that I would eat—and then making it a better product—was the first initial reaction coming to board.”

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The creative campaign’s slogan is, “You don’t have to ditch your main chicken sandwich, they just wanna be your ‘Side Chik.’” In the promotional image, Renner holds the miniature-sized sandwich with the caption, “Everyone needs a side Chik.”

Marketing a “Side Chik” sandwich with a headline-grabber like Renner — as a married man, no less — doesn’t seem ideal at first. However, the 42-year-old explained that his loving wife Kesha Ward is fully onboard and understands the bigger picture.

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“I didn’t completely choose Britt on my own, but she obviously stands on this title, and it’s a sketchy line to walk across,” he said. “Kesha is fully aware that this is entertainment. Let’s just be clear, my wife Kesha is on board, she know I’m going to bring it back home. So she knows. And ultimately, my personality, my DNA, is entertainment.”

Renner has become a controversial figure, one best-known for owning the infamous label “side chick.”

“Let me just start by saying, ‘I love this sh*t,” she said. “I live for it. I feel like one of the truths I had to come to terms with is not only am I built to be in this position and being under these lights, but I love the attention. I love being a game changer. I love starting conversations.”

As social media’s microscope on Renner continues to sparkn debate — especially about her love life — she feels the campaign idea “was actually really fitting.” She added, “Considering that I’ve talked about openly being a side chick before — granted I’m in a different place now — but it was a way for me to grab a hold of the reins, the puppet strings here, and really have fun with my own narrative and owning my truth.”

Renner said that she prides herself on being real and authentic. “I’ve always had a great sense of humor,” she continued. “So this campaign, to me was just a perfect match, honestly. How could I walk away from this? This is just too ironic. I just love it.”

The new chicken sandwiches feature premium, white meat chicken and a bold, crispy crunch that comes in three distinct variations for lunch and dinner. Consumers can enjoy the BBQ Bacon Cheese with crispy smoked bacon and tangy BBQ, the Pimento Cheese, and the Classic featuring a slather of Duke’s Mayo and a pickle. For breakfast, the “Side Chik” is available in the Classic and Pimento Cheese varieties on a biscuit.

Outside of their newest campaign, Chainz and Renner are both pushing their own upcoming agendas for their fans. The Esco Restaurant & Tapas owner says he may want to step into the spirits space soon, as Renner is launching a new line of fitness apparel.

Check out one of the clips for the “Side Chik,” below.

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