Le Creuset's Lush New Cookware Color Is Inspired By Chocolate Ganache

food, le creuset's lush new cookware color is inspired by chocolate ganache

Le Creuset dutch oven

Le Creuset was founded in France in 1925, according to its website, and has been selling colorful cookware ever since. The company produces enamel-coated, cast iron and steel cookware that is highly durable, designed to hold up against years of wear and tear. It currently offers 33 different color options across its line of products, designed to fit any kitchen and aesthetic preference. The company explains some of its most popular colors include warm Cerise red and Flame orange, and cooler-toned hues like Marseille and Caribbean blues.

Le Creuset recently announced the latest color joining its lineup that’s inspired by a decadent, chocolate treat: ganache. Used to coat cakes, for the creamy center of truffles and bonbons, or whipped into a mousse, if you consider yourself a chocolate lover — or are just a fan of dark, earthy tones when it comes to your cookware — then this new collection may be for you.

Le Creuset’s Newest Color Looks Good Enough To Eat

food, le creuset's lush new cookware color is inspired by chocolate ganache

Le Creuset ganache collection

Le Creuset’s newest cookware color takes its inspiration from chocolate ganache, with an ombre exterior meant to evoke decadent desserts (via Le Creuset). The dark brown base color represents rich, melted chocolate, while the lighter color towards the top mimics the finished product after cream has been swirled in. In addition to chocolate, the company describes the color as being inspired by “Old World masterpieces,” naming velvet, leather, and “rich wood” as visual influences. The ganache collection includes both round and oval Dutch ovens, a braiser, the signature and classic skillets, and a Pumpkin-shaped cocotte.

Le Creuset states that the sophisticated, velvety brown cookware will fit in perfectly with earthen-toned kitchens, recommending it be paired with olive or meringue hues — both of which are also color options conveniently offered by the company if you want to mix and match your Le Creuset. The Ganache color line is available now on the Le Creuset website and in stores, with prices ranging from $120 to $460 per item.

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