Leftover 'Turkey Stuffing Mashed Potato Balls' Are Bound to Be a Hit

food, leftover 'turkey stuffing mashed potato balls' are bound to be a hit

Yet another delicious way to use Thanksgiving leftovers.

If you’re always looking for a way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, we have found quite an idea for you. TikTok content creator @colleenscookingshares her sensational recipe for turning your leftovers into an amazing meal. And it’s such a fun way to do it!

Forget the sandwiches. This is the way to serve leftovers!

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This idea is legit! This simple recipe uses 1/3 leftover mashed potatoes, 1/3 leftover stuffing, and 1/3 leftover turkey. Stir it all together until well combined and then turn the mix into 2” balls. Give them a roll in panko breadcrumbs and then pan fry them. Yummy! She serves these tasty leftover balls with homemade gravy on top. They look so darn delicious! We would love to thin out our leftover cranberry sauce and make a cranberry dip for these little stuffing bites. How delicious!

If the idea of heating them in a frying pan doesn’t feel right to you, don’t fret. The video’s creator shared another great video to mix things up.

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We can turn these delicious balls into waffles? Wow! What a smart and effortless way to make them! These looks amazing!

The audience was happy to have a new plan for Thanksgiving leftovers this year, and viewer @user3794178760395 commented, “I gotta try that!!!” We do, too! Viewer @SandyJones added, “I like the day after Thanksgiving best because you have all the wonderful leftovers & you can stay in your PJs all day.” That sounds like our kind of day!

The kids are going to love them. Who are we kidding? The adults will, too. We can’t wait to give this sensational idea a try this year!

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