Little Girl Is Definitely Not Eating A Cookie

food, little girl is definitely not eating a cookie

There is nothing in her mouth. See?

What’s amazing about little kids is that they can do something right in front of you and still bold-faced deny the heck out of ever doing it. With 100 percent conviction. It’s almost as if they’re rewriting reality, right there in front of you. Which makes it really hard to get them to admit a wrongdoing. As far as they’re concerned, the thing never happened.

Take the little girl in this video from @noi7se. She is, in fact, eating a cookie while her father approaches her, asking her if she’s eating a cookie. But she just calmly finishes chewing, and then makes a very true statement: There’s nothing in her mouth.

Ooh! Genius strategy. This little girl is no fool. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Get ready for some super circular logic.


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Perhaps her tactic is just to confuse the person she’s talking to so much that they neither know nor care anymore who was eating the cookie. Whatever her strategy, it’s pretty effective, gotta say.

Commenters were completely impressed with this little sweetie and her debate skills…

“Political future right here”

“She’s a lawyer”

“She was committed to hiding the evidence!”

“I believe her”

“‘hold on a second’ LMAO”

“For the record, she said “I’m not eating a cookie”, and technically she wasn’t at that time.”

“Her story keeps changing, buuuuut, her cuteness gives her a pass! NOT GUILTY”

At the end of the day, with a face that cute, chances are she was going to get that cookie anyway. In fact, it was probably even her cookie to eat at a later time or something like that. It probably wasn’t a stolen cookie, just her own cookie before she was supposed to eat it. Or was it before she was supposed to eat it? After her argument, it’s really hard to say.

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