loilo to Cebu by Ferry (Schedule and Rates)

I’ve been to Iloilo and Cebu and I can say that these are some of the best cities that any traveler should visit. The warmth of the Ilonggos and Cebuanos truly reflects the hospitality of the Filipino people. Plus, no one can deny the beauty of these places when it comes to beaches and tourist attractions.

So what if you traveled to Iloilo and wanted to visit Cebu after? Well, honestly the fastest way to go from Iloilo to Cebu is by plane. But for budget conscious out there and would like to experience a much exciting way of traveling, boats are the way to go. This is also the choice of much more ordinary Filipinos or masa. So, if you’re looking for ways to travel from Iloilo to Cebu by boat, this blog post is for you! Let’s get started.

Currently, there are two Shipping lines that offer direct trips to Cebu from Iloilo and vice versa. These are Cokaliong Shipping Lines and Trans Asia Shipping. Here are the detailed information about their schedule and rates.

Ferry Schedule: Iloilo to Cebu (Vice Versa)

Via Cokaliong Shipping Lines

This shipping line is one of the few that offer trips from Iloilo to Cebu and vice versa. They offer passengers different options from Economy, Lounge, Tourist to Suite Room (rates below).  The vessel departs Iloilo every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM.

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Credit: Cokaliong Shipping Line

Economy – PHP 930
Lounge – PHP 965
Tourist – PHP 1,030
Suite Room – PHP 2,760 (Good for two persons)

Departure from Iloilo (to Cebu)– 7:00 PM ( Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday)
Travel time: 12.5 hours
Arrival in Cebu: 7:30AM the next day.

Going back – Departure from Cebu (to Iloilo) – 7:00PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Via Trans Asia Shipping

Another shipping line that offers direct trips to Cebu from Iloilo is Trans Asia Shipping. Here are their schedules and rates. They offer quite a lot of options for passengers when it comes to rates and classes. They have rates for Non-Aircon, Aircon, Tourist, Tourist Deluxe, Cabin and Private Rooms. Please see below rates.

Non-Aircon – PHP 930
Aircon – PHP 980
Tourist – PHP 1030
Tourist Deluxe – PHP 1250
Cabin – PHP 1300
Private Room – PHP 3000

Departs from Iloilo to Cebu at 6:00 PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Departs from Cebu to Iloilo at 6:00PM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Of course, when you travel to Cebu, you need a hotel or any accommodation to stay. Here are some of the best hotels in Cebu that you can choose from. These are not that pricey, just the right budget for everyone.

1. Harolds Hotel

How about enjoying spacious and quality rooms just about 10-minute drive from Cebu Business Park and Ayala Centre Cebu. Harolds Hotel’s location is perfect for any travelers to fully take advantage of the best things that Cebu City could offer.

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Aside from that, the hotel also ensures that they maintain the quality of service and amenities that Harolds Hotel is known for like more dining options for their guests, a fitness centre, Wi-fi and of course the cozy rooms fully equipped with only the best amenities. All of these, while relaxing with the stunning view of the metropolis. Harolds Hotel is just near from Cebu’s historic places such as Magellan’s Cross and Santo Nino de Cebu Basilica.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

2. St. Mark Hotel

One of the remarkable 3-star hotels in Cebu which opened last 2011 is St. Mark Hotel. This offers luxury accommodation for their guests. All 56 rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, ironing facilities, fridge and many more. Comfort is also assured since the hotel is proud of their cozy bathtub in their rooms that will surely provide a more relaxing experience for their guests.

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Their restaurants, Abuhan Dos and Joven’s Grill, offer the best local cuisine like fresh seafood and even wide range of food options. St. Mark Hotel is only 2.3 km from the city’s business center like Cebu IT Park.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

3. Mandarin Plaza Hotel
explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Mandarin Plaza Hotel assures the feeling of being at home with their warm service and quality accommodation. Aside from the fact that their location is just near the city’s attractions like Rain Forest Park Cebu and Ayala Center, their facilities will definitely provide the needed relaxation and comfort for their guests like Sauna, Steam room and Spa massage.

Whether you’re in Cebu for business or pleasure, Mandarin Plaza Hotel is perfect for everyone to unwind.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

4. Sunday Hostel

If you’re looking for a budget hostel but doesn’t compromise your convenience and comfort, Sunday Hostel is just right for you. Located along Archbishop Reyes Avenue in Cebu City, this hostel has 28 rooms fit for different types of travelers from business travelers to group and solo backpackers.

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Standard Double Room for two persons is only PHP 1,550 per night, while Family room for 5 adults and 1 child costs only PHP 2,350. If you’re a solo traveler and would want to meet new friends and interact with fellow travelers, the dorm is perfect for you for only PHP 750 per night.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

5. Red Planet Cebu

True to its brand of Red Planet, this hotel offers affordable accommodation but doesn’t compromise on the quality of service and amenities.

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Aside from the clean and cozy rooms, their App is very useful if you have any requests and the staff will take action in minutes. Also, you can find great deals on their App for your next stay to any Red Planet hotels in the country.

Red Planet Cebu is only less than a 5 minute of walk going to Ayala Center Cebu and also very close to terminals and seaports.  CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Top Cebu Tourist Spots

Cebu is rich in history, culture and nice beaches. Take advantage of your vacation to at least visit a few attractions. I know you’ll surely enjoy it as I did when I visited the province years ago. Here are some of the tourist spots of Cebu.

1. Magellan’s Cross

I remember it was just one jeepney ride from my hostel then I’ve found myself in downtown Cebu looking for the Magellan’ Cross.

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Credit: Klook – Book your Cebu tour with Klook!

Magellan’s Cross is important for Cebuanos especially for the Catholics as this serves as a historal landmark of the arrival and propagation of Christianity in Cebu and in other parts of the country. Magellan brought this wooden cross and erected it in this part of Cebu as a sign of their commitment to spread the Christian belief in the region.

Currently, the original cross is now encased by the durable Tindalo wood to protect it from the tourists. Sadly, some visitors in the past could not resist their temptation to scratch or get some tiny parts of the cross in their belief that it has miraculous powers. Everyone can visit this Cebu tourist spot for free.

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2. Fort San Pedro

Located at the Pier Area of Cebu city, Fort San Pedro is one of the rich historical legacy of Cebu as the oldest bastion fort in the country. It was built in 1738 to serve as a military defense of the Spaniards.

Currently, part of the fort is a museum that showcases artifacts such as paintings, sculpture and old documents. This also serves as a historical park and a famous venue for wedding pictorials.

This is currently managed by City government of Cebu. Entrance fee is PHP 30.  Of course, discounted prices are offered for senior citizens and students.

3. Taoist Temple

Located 6 km. north of downtown Cebu, Taoist temple is a symbol of the prosperous ethnic Chinese traditions in the city. This is open for everyone whether a Taoist worshipper or not.

One of the best things about the place is the stunning view of Cebu since this is located at the higher part of the city. Aside from its intricate design, the solemnity of the place is perfect to reflect and meditate.

4. Kawasan Falls

explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)

Credit: Klook – Book Kawasan Falls Tour here

Outside Cebu City, Kawasan Falls is definitely one of the most visited attractions by local and foreign tourists alike. No wonder it is because of its three- tiered cascade of crystal clear waterfalls surrounded by lush green forest. It is located in Matutinao in Badian, Cebu.

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explore, travel, loilo to cebu by ferry (schedule and rates)
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5. Bantayan Island

Located at the Northern tip of Cebu, Bantayan Island is considered as Cebu’s answer to Boracay with its white sand beaches. But Bantayan has become even popular among tourists because aside from the beaches, it is the laidback atmosphere and the island vibe that will definitely give you your much needed relaxation.