Londoner who moved to America gutted as 'favourite childhood chip shop snack' costs £160 to import and she 'can't get it' abroad

A Londoner who moved to America is gutted as her ‘favourite childhood chip shop snack’ costs a whopping £160 to import. Sadly, she says she ‘can’t get it’ abroad either.

Posting on a Facebook Group for people to reminisce about Clapham and Balham, Maureen Allen shared their long-lost snack. Surprisingly, the food item they miss so much is ‘fried cod roe’.

The Londoner wrote: “One of my most favourite foods growing up in London was chip shop fried cod roe. Difficult to get in mid USA and the latest cost for an imported 7 oz can is £160.00 !!! Just wondering how much it costs in fish & chip shops in London now?”

food, londoner who moved to america gutted as 'favourite childhood chip shop snack' costs £160 to import and she 'can't get it' abroad

Deep Fried Battered Cod Roe

Chip shop cod roe is quite simply, cod roe, coated in batter and deep-fried. Cod roe is the fully ripe internal masses of a cod’s ovaries.

Carole Winter added: “My Mum used to buy it from fishmonger, cooked and lightly fried, add salt and vinegar, served with bread and butter just delicious. My Dad always preferred soft roes on toast that too was delicious. Had forgotten all about this, never had it from tins as considered far too expensive.”

The snack is a chip shop favourite but not always so commonly found in London chippies anymore. You can recreate it at home yourself though too, using a can of cod roe. However it certainly won’t cost you £160 in the UK as you can get a tin of pressed cod roe from Asda for just £2.

In a mumsnet thread from 2019, users discussed how much they pay at their local chip shop for the snack. One wrote: “£1.30, £1.70 and £1.80 at the three local ones to me,” but another said: “I paid 3.55 for some at my local chippy atm! Shocked.”

Another user isn’t a fan, as they said: “Cod roe is from the dark side! Stuff of nightmares for me. £2.50 seems not too bad though.”

Of course, it’s likely these prices will have gone up since 2019 but it definitely won’t be as much as £160 to get it here. Have you ever had fried cod roe?

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