Longest Timber-Towered Suspension Bridge To Open In This Midwest State — Where To Find It

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East Tower Skybridge bracesPhoto credit: Cole Conkright

The world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge will open to the public on Saturday, October 15, 2022. Located at Boyne Mountain Resort, a year-round destination in northern Michigan, the new SkyBridge Michigan is a “peak to peak” pedestrian bridge rising 118 feet off the ground.

Guests ride the historic Hemlock Scenic Chairlift to the mountain’s top, then venture out along the breathtaking 1,200-foot-long pedestrian bridge. Tickets include all-day access, so visitors can go up, down, and across as many times as they want.

Where Is This Bridge?

SkyBridge Michigan connects the peaks of McLouth and Disciples Ridge in northern Michigan. It’s part of Boyne Mountain Resort (see a location map here).

Why Is It So Special?

Walking across the world’s longest timber-towered suspension bridge is an astonishing experience. It starts with a chairlift ride to the mountain top, followed by an open-air walk across a suspended five-foot-wide walking surface 118 feet above the valley floor. For an unobstructed glimpse of the valley floor below, you’ll walk on a 36-foot span of glass flooring in the middle of the bridge. You may even see skiers hurtling downhill in winter! The bridge will be lit at night, so resort guests down the mountain can see its outline.

I’m Afraid Of Heights; Now What?

Sometimes you’re outnumbered by fearless family and friends. They want to go across; you’re not so sure. The Skybridge was designed by Experiential Resources (ERi) with both safety and unparalleled views in mind. It’s grounded in about one million pounds of concrete anchored by two sturdy timber towers. Each tower is about 52 feet tall and 70 feet long and weighs about 40,000 pounds. Those are substantial numbers.

However, if someone in your party is afraid of heights, no amount of concrete or reinforcing material, or safety features will entice them to step out onto the Skybridge. The glass bottom section will certainly be a non-starter for them. Good news, though. The Skybridge is just steps away from an alternative — Eagle’s Nest, Boyne’s high peak restaurant. Eagle’s Nest has amazing views, so be sure to get a table by the window. The restaurant, which is accessible and family friendly, is known for its burgers, sandwiches, and full bar. Hot chocolate anyone?

news and tips, travel news, longest timber-towered suspension bridge to open in this midwest state — where to find it

Skybridge floorboardsPhoto credit: Cole Conkright

How Do I Buy Tickets?

You can buy tickets and find out more about hours here. There is currently a 10 percent discount on tickets for Skybridge Michigan when you book a room at Boyne Mountain Resort! It’s available online only. Go here for more information.

Where Can I Stay?

Of course, the obvious choice for lodging is Boyne Mountain Resort, which hosts Skybridge Michigan. This resort, which opened in 1948, is known for its all-season attractions including Avalanche Bay (Michigan’s largest indoor waterpark), an 18,500-square-foot spa, two golf courses, and tons of seasonal outdoor activities.

What Else Can I Do In Northern Michigan?

Northern Michigan has everything you’d want to include in your vacation. There are local lakes and beaches, vineyards, a brew tour for those who like craft beers, farm tours, and Little Traverse Conservancy nature preserves. Take a scenic bike ride down a paved pathway from Boyne Mountain to Boyne City. Enjoy a day trip to Michigan’s historic Mackinac Island. Visit the Great Lakes Center For The Arts, which hosts year-round performances across all genres — music, dance, theater, movies, and film.

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