Look out Brits: the first £320k Hummer EV has arrived on our shores


1,000bhp Edition 1 pickup has been imported to the UK by Clive Sutton

Live in the UK and want a pickup truck that has 1,000bhp, 1,200lb ft of torque and can conquer any form of off-road terrain? Don’t mind that said pickup will be flummoxed by width restrictors, the general size of UK roads and draconian speed limits? Well, Clive Sutton has just the thing for you.

What you’re looking at here is the first GMC Hummer EV Pickup to arrive on our shores – complete with its monster 205kWh battery pack, 350 miles of range and a 0-60mph time somewhere around the three second mark.

It is rather large, of course. Clive Sutton itself describes its new import as “colossal” and “giant”. For reference, it’s 2.0m tall, 2.34m wide and more than 5.5m long. Whether you can set the sat nav to avoid all villages is currently unconfirmed.

This is an Edition 1 iteration of the Hummer EV, and Clive Sutton says that production delays mean these are currently selling for over $200,000 in the US. Because of that, if you want one over here you’ll need to fork out no less than £320,000.

Still, it seems that there’s plenty of folk over here willing to pay that much. “As soon as the GMC Hummer EV was announced our customers have been desperate to see the model in the UK,” says Clive Sutton himself. “Now that we have imported the first one, we anticipate orders outstripping supply as buyers clamour to be among the first in Europe to own this electric supertruck.”

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