Lucid Motors (LCID) will unveil its full EV lineup this month including Air Pure, here’s what to expect

auto, autos, car, cars, lucid, lucid motors (lcid) will unveil its full ev lineup this month including air pure, here’s what to expect

On November 15, Lucid Motors announced it will stream a global launch event called “In the Air and Beyond,” in which the American automaker will debut the final two trims of its flagship sedan – the Air Pure and Air Touring. Lucid is also promising progress updates regarding its business strategy and future EV models like its electric SUV. Here’s what to expect.

Lucid Motors ($LCID) currently sits just over a year removed from first deliveries of its flagship EV, the Air sedan. That journey began with its limited run Dream Edition, followed by a Grand Touring version which saw a Performance upgrade earlier this year. We got a chance to drive that bad boy up the coast of California and highly recommend checking it out.

From the get-go, Lucid has promised four different variations of the Air: the two mentioned above, plus the Air Touring and Air Pure. Although the public was given initial pricing and some tidbits on the latter two’s specs, most of the pertinent details have remained a secret.

We’ve been expecting those last two versions of the Air to arrive sometime this year, but before we got that news, Lucid surprised everyone in August with a tri-motor version of its first EV called the Air Sapphire.

As exciting as Sapphire is, we haven’t forgotten about the other versions of the Air, nor have we forgotten Lucid’s long promised second EV model, Project Gravity. The automaker clearly has a lot in the works as it continues to bolster its EV production in Arizona, but we’d argue we’re all due for some tasty news. It appears Lucid will oblige later this month in correlation with Automobility LA.

The Air Sapphire / Source: Lucid Motors

Tune in to Lucid’s global event for EV updates including Gravity

According to a press release from Lucid Motors today, it will officially launch its Touring and Pure versions of the Air during a global event on November 15, followed by business announcements and an update regarding the aforementioned Project Gravity SUV.

The event will be the first time Lucid Motors publicly shares its entire lineup of Air EVs side by side, including the Sapphire. Following the live event, Lucid will deliver the first Air Touring to its new owner out of its Beverly Hills Studio. Full specs (including EPA range) of the last two versions of the Air will be revealed on the 15th, but here’s a little appetizer from Lucid:

Air Pure, the elemental Lucid Air, has a starting price of $87,400 and is distinguished by its metal roof and Mojave PurLux interior. Air Pure will initially launch with a dual-motor, all-wheel-drive configuration.

Lucid Air Touring, with an MSRP of $107,400, is the quintessential Air, featuring the best balance of performance, luxury, design, and space. As such, it can be optioned with two different battery pack sizes, as well as Air’s unique Glass Canopy – a single piece that reaches from the base of the windshield to over the heads of the front passengers for an unobstructed view.

Following the global online event, Lucid will be celebrating its entire Air EV lineup at various events around the LA area, including an appearance at Automobility LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Here are some events you can look forward to that week if you’ll be in town:

  • All five trim levels – from Air Pure to Air Sapphire – will be on display for media, customers, and fans at the Lucid Studio Beverly Hills the week of November 15
  • Lucid’s senior vice president of design and brand Derek Jenkins will be featured at the CDN Forum LA during the Los Angeles Auto Show on Thursday, November 17
  • Lucid is sponsoring CDN’s LA Design Night on the 17th at the convention center where the Air Pure and Sapphire will be on display
  • Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson will deliver the opening keynote at the Automotive News World Congress on Friday, November 18

Lucid’s “In the Air and Beyond” EV launch event will begin at 10AM PST/1PM EST on November 15. You can tune in from anywhere after registering here. More details are sure to come following this event and the upcoming LA Auto Show. Check back with Electrek soon.

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