Mahindra Atom Electric 4 Seater Details Leak – 100 Kms Range

Unveiled at 2018 Auto Expo, Mahindra Atom will primarily target fleet segment and cater to first- and last-mile connectivity

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New Mahindra Atom Electric 4 Seater

Around two years after its unveil as a concept, Mahindra Atom was showcased in near-production form at 2020 Auto Expo. It was expected to be launched in 2020, but plans got delayed due to the pandemic. Now with the EV segment gaining momentum, Mahindra is gearing up to launch Atom EV. It will be India’s first electric quadricycle.

Ahead of its launch, details about Mahindra Atom have been revealed via Type Approval Certificate. While the earlier certificate was issued under ‘Non Transport’ category, the latest certificate has been issued under ‘Transport’ category.

Mahindra Atom variants, range

There will be a total of four variants of Mahindra Atom – K1, K2, K3 and K4. While K1 and K2 will have 7.4 kWh, 144 Ah battery pack, Atom K3 and K4 come with 11.1 kWh, 216 Ah battery pack. The smaller battery pack weighs 98 kg, whereas the larger unit is heavier by 47 kg.

Battery technology is Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP), which offers a range of benefits. Key among them are longer lifespan, lightweight, safe operations, ability to endure high temperatures, minimal maintenance and improved discharge and charge efficiency.

auto, car, cars, mahindra, reviews, mahindra atom electric 4 seater details leak – 100 kms range

Mahindra ATOM Electric 4 seater vehicle

Max motor power of Mahindra Atom is rated at 8 kW at 3,950 rpm. Electrical energy consumption as per AIS-039 standards is 90 Wh per km for K1 and K2 and 106 Wh per km for K3 and K4. Range is expected to be around 80 km for K1 and K2 and approx. 100 km for K3 and K4. In terms of features, K1 and K3 do not come with air conditioning. This will limit their scope, especially at hot, humid locations. However, non-AC variants will be able to cover more miles on a full charge.

Mahindra Atom features, specs

Visually, Mahindra Atom has a cute profile with a unique grille design, prominent headlamps, large windscreen and windows and blacked-out central pillars. It utilizes a monocoque chassis and has an upright, boxy design. The wheels are placed at extreme ends, which ensures a futuristic look and feel for the quadricycle. On the inside, Atom will focus on utilitarian features. It will have 4G connectivity for faster processing of bookings and payments when used for fleet operations.

Dimensionally, Mahindra Atom is 2,728 mm long, 1,452 mm wide and 1,576 mm tall. It has a wheelbase of 1,885 mm. Despite its compact size, Mahindra Atom will have spacious interiors. Due to difference in battery pack and AC, Non AC variants, all four variants have different kerb weight and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

auto, car, cars, mahindra, reviews, mahindra atom electric 4 seater details leak – 100 kms range

Mahindra Atom

Mahindra Atom could be launched at an initial offer price of around Rs 3 lakh. It is unlikely to have any direct rivals at the time of launch. In the future, it could face competition from upcoming Bajaj Qute electric.

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