Man Steals Bass Pro Shop Valet Cars

This was a pretty good scam, until he got caught…

I was just today years old when I learned there’s valet parking for Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee. Every time I’ve been to one or a Cabela’s I’ve had to park my own vehicle, but after learning about a theft scheme involving the valet-parked cars that might be the preferable way.

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According to a report from local station News Channel 3, police charged Timothy Woodward with stealing a gun from a car parked at the Bass Pro Shop’s valet lot. They say the next day he swiped a Mercedes-Benz S63 and an Infiniti QX80. It was the perfect crime until he was caught, but the story gets weird from there.

Police claim Woodward was/is a Bass Pro Shop employee, but the company told local media he wasn’t. It’s possible the guy was working for a contracted company, although there’s no indication where he might have been working. Considering he swiped the gun and vehicles from the valet, that might be a clue. After all, access is a key ingredient for committing a crime.

Woodward told police that he wasn’t the only one working on the thefts. The man claimed “other employees” were in on the whole thing, although no names were released. That’s disturbing considering the whole point of leaving your ride with a valet is supposedly that it will be better cared-for than if you just leave it in the general parking lot.

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Apparently, there’s some truth to that whole scenario in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That and there are other accounts of valets joyriding in cars, stealing stuff from them, etc. That’s probably why we don’t use valets, or something like that.

Source: WREG

Images via Mercedes-Benz, IMDB

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