MANAM MENU (Filipino Favorites With A Twist)

When it comes to comfort food, you can’t beat everyone’s Pinoy favorites like sisig, sinigang, and pancit. However, Manam capitalized on the public’s love for hearty flavors reminiscent of home cooking and presented them with their own flavorful twists to create their own recipe for success. Manam first started as the restaurant NamNam in 2013 under the Moment Group, a restaurant group famous for other successful restaurants such as 8Cuts, Ooma, and Shawa Wama.

The first branch opened in Greenbelt 2 to great success because of its affordable, delicious takes on Filipino food good for sharing with friends and family. The second branch, now under the new name “Manam” opened in Ayala Fairview, along with an outlet in SM Mall of Asia.

The airy new look of its restaurants was coupled with an all local-inspired bill of fare: “Classics”, for those who want traditional takes on Filipino food, and “Twists” for more adventurous palates willing to try new flavors in well-known dishes. Their food, warm service, and attention to detail made them firm favorites with foodies, especially those who wanted to show more love for local dishes.

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Manam quickly opened more branches as demand couldn’t keep up with their existing restaurants’ space. The restaurant now has 17 branches in Metro Manila, but it has also made several of its best-sellers available as ready-to-cook items in groceries.

Manam has also collaborated with 7-11 to offer express, heat-and-eat versions of its sisig and beef kare-kare, which have earned high praise despite their low prices. With their willingness to adapt with a market that is becoming more geared towards home delivery, Manam shows no signs of slowing down!

Manam Menu

Manam’s many menu offerings can be dizzying for newbies, but one thing’s for sure: you must order the House Crispy Sisig in their Classics menu. Adding a creamy and crunchy twist to the Kapampangan favorite, this dish has won the hearts of many foodies.

PICA PICA (Classics & Twists) Small Medium Large
Streetballs of Fish Tofu, Crab, & Lobster with Kalye Sauce ₱145 ₱255 ₱430
Beef Salpicao & Garlic ₱180 ₱335 ₱595
Gambas in Chills, Olive Oil & Garlic ₱185 ₱345 ₱615
Baby Squid in Olive Oil & Garlic ₱160 ₱280 ₱485
Crunchy Salt & Pepper Squid Rings ₱160 ₱280 ₱485
Tokwa’t Baboy ₱90 ₱160 ₱275
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod ₱75 ₱125 ₱230
Chicharon Bulaklak ₱235 ₱420 ₱830
Dinuguan with Puto ₱170 ₱295 ₱595
Balut with Salt Trio ₱65 ₱110 ₱170
Caramelized Patis Wings ₱165 ₱295 ₱525
Pork Ear Kinilaw ₱150 ₱280 ₱495
Cheddar & Green Finger Chili Lumpia ₱95 ₱165 ₱290
Deep-Fried Chorizo & Kesong Putt Lumpia ₱145 ₱265 ₱520
Lumpiang Bicol Express ₱75 ₱130 ₱255
ENSALADA & GULAY Small Medium Large
Pinakbet  ₱120  ₱205  ₱365
Gising Gising  ₱120  ₱205  ₱365
Laing  ₱120  ₱205  ₱365
Adobong Kangkong  ₱95  ₱165  ₱315
Kulawo with Chicharon  ₱95  ₱165  ₱315
Mangga’t Bagoong  ₱75  ₱125  ₱230
Ensaladang Pako  ₱95  ₱175  ₱310
Adobong Bulaklak ng Kalabasa  ₱120  ₱205  ₱365
Ensaladang Kamatis & Kesong Puti  ₱135  ₱230  ₱395
Ensaladang Namnam  ₱125  ₱210  ₱375
Homemade Kesong Puti & Atugbati  ₱215  ₱390  ₱740
Tortang Talong with Longganisa  ₱200  ₱375  ₱695
Munggo & Chicharon  ₱165  ₱290  ₱565

explore, travel, manam menu (filipino favorites with a twist)

SIZZLING PLATOS Small Medium Large
Sizzling Bangus Belly Sisig ₱175 ₱295 ₱495
Sizzling Bulalo Steak ₱235 ₱395 ₱705
Sizzling Corned Beef Belly Kansi ₱165 ₱165 ₱165
Sizzling Beef & Oxtail Caldereta ₱165 ₱165 ₱165
SOPAS Small Medium Large
Sinigang na Prawns sa Green Mango ₱250 ₱445 ₱815
Bone Marrow Kansi & Sweet Corn ₱265 ₱490 ₱965
Beef Belly Bulalo ₱265 ₱490 ₱965
Laksa-Style Halaan Soup with Crispy Sill Leaves & Mais ₱195 ₱1345 ₱580
Smigang na Salmon Head sa Miso at Guyabano ₱215 ₱395 ₱695
PABORITOS Small Medium Large
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo
₱195 ₱355 ₱665
Overloaded Garlicky Chicken
& Pork Belly Adobo
₱185 ₱330 ₱610
Seafood Bounty Kare-Kare ₱375 ₱665 ₱1150
Crispy Pata Tim ₱335 ₱595 ₱1065

If you feel like trying something different, two popular dishes on the Twists menu are the Sinigang na Beef Short Rib & Watermelon and the Crispy Pancit Palabok. The watermelon adds an unusual sweet note that goes well with the sourness of the sinigang soup and the savoriness of short rib, making it an instant favorite.

The Crispy Pancit Palabok is a heaping tower of crispy pancit noodles topped with shrimp, egg, and chicharon – pour on that orange sauce and watch it gently fall onto the plate!

Manam Delivery

If you want to enjoy Manam’s delicious dishes at home, there are many ways you can have them sent straight to your door. You can order from their main site (https://manam.momentfood.com). You can also place your Manam order through GrabFood or Foodpanda if you live near a branch’s delivery radius – just add your favorites to your cart, check it out, and track your order until it arrives!