Marks and Spencer shoppers divided over £5.50 Christmas snack some say is 'banging' & others say is 'wrong'

A Marks & Spencer Christmas snack has divided customers, with some saying it’s ‘banging’, but others describe it as ‘wrong’. The £5.50 10 Molten Cheddar Cheese Profiteroles are part of the retailer’s Christmas party food collection. They are savoury choux buns filled with a cheddar cheese sauce, and topped with pecorino cheese.

The profiteroles cook in the oven for eight minutes. The Christmas snack caught the attention of popular Facebook group, Snack Reviews. The group, which has more than 232,000 followers, encourages people to post snack finds, and review food they’ve tried.

The post on the group read: “Molten Cheddar Cheese Profiteroles back at M&S and in the 4 for 3 on party food.” The savoury profiteroles were in M&S’s Christmas food range last year. The post received hundreds of reactions and comments from fellow snack lovers.

food, marks and spencer shoppers divided over £5.50 christmas snack some say is 'banging' & others say is 'wrong'

Shoppers were divided over the savoury snack

One shopper said: “Had these last year, they were lovely [yum emoji].” A second shopper commented: “oh my god those are soooo nice, they had those last year, I definitely want some more! [drool emoji].” A third tagged their friend and said: “I need my freezer stocked!” A fourth added: “These sound soooooo good”.

But not all shoppers were convinced, with some saying they ‘weren’t sure how to feel’ about the savoury profiteroles, but they were open to trying them out. One comment read: “I’m not sure how I feel about these but I’m curious!”

Another shopper said: “This just sounds wrong, profiteroles are supposed to have cream and chocolate on them!” One Facebook user questioned the profiterole name and asked: “Are they not just cheese bites?”

The snack debate comes as M&S revealed their new Christmas Food advert on Wednesday, November 2. The campaign features an iconic duo of national treasures, Dawn French, reprising her role as Christmas Fairy, and Jennifer Saunders, as Duckie, a chewed-up battered dog toy.

Christmas Fairy tries to bring some “festive cheer” by showing Duckie the delicious M&S festive food showstoppers on offer this year. There will be a new instalment of the advert each week between now and New Year’s Eve.

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