Marks and Spencer's shoppers obsessed with £10 LED candle that's perfect for Christmas

food, marks and spencer's shoppers obsessed with £10 led candle that's perfect for christmas

Shoppers are raving about the festive candle

Marks and Spencer’s shoppers are obsessed with LED candle that signals the start of Christmas for them. The popular £10 candle which is laced with festive LED lights has got shoppers rushing to bag themselves the winter candle.

A TikTok video showing the candle being lit, which brings the Christmas sparkle to life, has amaseed more than 221K views and shoppers have been quick to praise the neroli, lime and basil scented candle.

One person commented: “The way my jaw DROPPED bc WHAAAATT.” Whilst another added: “Where is this from I need some,” followed by a heart emoji.

Others shared that the workings of the candled had been perplexing them until they finally saw this video. The candle is comprised of a wick and wax which is laden with LED lights, when the candle is lit the lights come on.

Although some people had not clocked onto that quite yet had been jamming their fingers into the wax to try and reach a non-existent switch for the LED lights.

One said: “Omg that’s how they work we was fully putting our hands in the jelly,” followed by three crying emojis. Another added: “OMG THATS HOW THEY WORK.”

A third person shared a handy hint to make sure the battery of the LED lights don’t run out before Christmas, they wrote: “Careful you don’t put them near sunlight when they’re off because it sets off the lights and the battery runs out.”

The reviews from M&S have rated the candle as a 4.2 stars out of 5. One review read: ” I was going to give it to a friend for Christmas but thought it should be a present to me!” Another wrote: “I love these candles. So bight and twinkly!”

The festive candle is on sale in Marks and Spencer’s and costs just £10, you can find out more about the product and how to get one here.

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