Martha Stewart Just Shared the Homemade Dog Food Recipe She Makes for Her Own Dogs & It's Actually Simple to Make


It probably comes as no surprise that Martha Stewart makes her dogs gourmet dog food from scratch. And Stewart shared just how gourmet her dogs’ food is when she posted photos from the preparation process on Instagram. Stewart just whipped up a batch of food for her two Chow Chows — Emperor Han and Empress Qin — and her two French bulldogs — Bete Noire and Creme Brulee — and it looks like this seemingly Michelin-star quality food may actually be super simple to make.

“Forty (40!) quarts of delicious homemade dog food for my lovelies!” Stewart captioned an October 3 post. “Ingredients cooked separately then coarsely chopped in the food processor. Quinoa, broccoli, peas, carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, cabbage, turnips, celeriac, beef, fish, chicken, duck. All nests and fish cooked with bones. All broth mixed with solids. No salt!! Dogs adore this food and by the way they are healthy examples of their breeds”

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And the recipe looks good enough for people to eat, too. One commenter wrote, “Hell, I’d eat this over jasmine rice.”

In a 2020 blog post, Stewart shared more info on how her homemade dog food comes together and why she chooses the ingredients she does. “Green peas are a good source of the B vitamin Thiamin, phosphorous, and potassium,” she wrote, adding, “Sweet potatoes are also great for digestive health because they’re high in dietary fiber. They’re low in fat and contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and manganese, and they’re rich in the powerful antioxidant beta-carotene.”

Stewart also likes using quinoa because it’s “an amazing gluten-free superfood with high levels of essential amino acids. It is a high protein grain type food, so give it in small amounts.”

But before you dive in and make 40 quarts of your own Martha Stewart dog food, Stewart stresses that it’s important to “research what your pet needs” and understand that “it’s very important that dogs also get adequate amounts of calcium, and omega-three fatty acids,” noting that supplements may be added to any homemade dog food recipes. “And, always talk to a veterinarian or canine nutrition expert before changing a dog’s diet,” Stewart adds.

Finally, when it’s time to feed the meal to her pups, Stewart adds a spoonful of the mixture to dry kibble to give her dogs some variety.

“Cooking for your dogs is a personal choice, but if you have time, and are interested in giving it a try, I know your pets will love every meal,” Stewart wrote. Give your dog that five-star restaurant experience and give homemade dog food a go to spoil your dog even more than they already are.

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