Masala Blooming Onion

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Masala Blooming Onion

Welcome to SAVEUR’s column on making the most of local produce according to chef and recipe developer Fatima Khawaja. Here you’ll find creative, unfussy meal ideas plus plenty of cooking advice—like what to do with that bumper crop of zucchini or how to store delicate heirloom tomatoes. Follow along, and you’ll learn how to turn the season’s bounty into easy plant-based meals that’ll be on the table in under an hour.

It’s hard to hate on blooming onion, that crispy pull-apart appetizer popularized in the 1990s by Outback Steakhouse, but the Pakistani in me has always thought the dish could use a bit more mirch masala, or spice. That’s why I created this recipe flavored with warm, earthy cumin and perfumy coriander that pairs perfectly with yogurt-herb dip (or a cilantro or tamarind chutney). Any leftover sauce is great with kebabs, or even just potato chips.

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