McDonald's customers rage about new McCrispy after iconic fan favourite sacrificed to make way for it

food, mcdonald's customers rage about new mccrispy after iconic fan favourite sacrificed to make way for it

The new McCrispy has divided McDonald’s customers

McDonald’s released their new permanent chicken burger for the first time in 15 years, the McCrispy. The new addition has replaced the iconic Chicken Legend, but not everyone was happy about the sacrifice made.

The McCrispy contains a chicken breast fillet in a sour-dough bun with lettuce, mayo and black pepper. Customers shared their divisive views on the new burger, with many expressing their outrage at the loss of the Chicken Legend and its replacement.

The fast food chain shared a clip of the burger on their Instagram page, where followers rushed into the comments to share their thoughts. One angry customer wrote: “I would support this but never at the cost of the Chicken Legend.”

Another demanded: “Bring back the chicken legend,” while a third said: “This was awful. Burnt bread, too much lettuce, not enough mayo and spicy. Disappointing. Bring back the Legend!”

A fourth agreed: “No I want the chicken legend back.”

Others shared their critiques of the burger, saying it was effectively the same as a “99p chicken mayo with black pepper and a posher bun” and the burger was “weak” as “the bread is too dry. Brioche would be better”.

But not all were unconvinced by the new addition to the menu, saying they really enjoyed it after seeing it being plastered on TV screens. One person said on Twitter: “Best chicken burger so flipping nice! Way way nicer then the legend.”

Another agreed: “Tried the #mccrispy and enjoyed! The power of social media. Next time I’ll request melted cheese.”

A third wrote: “Tried the #mccrispy from McDonald’s and it was so good, also had the nacho cheese wedges which are amazing.”

A fourth concurred: “Just had a #McCrispy and the new Flake McFlurry, I loved both of them. #McCrispy is better than the Mc chicken sandwich.”

McDonald’s also added a trio of potato waffles (£1.39) to the menu, which can be bought until 11am each day. They’ve also brought back the Bacon BBQ Stack, featuring a double beef patty burger, topped with melted pepper jack cheese, smoked bacon and a slice of tomato, lettuce, onions and BBQ sauce.

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