McDonald’s fans angry as it axes popular item in major shake-up

food, mcdonald’s fans angry as it axes popular item in major shake-up

McDonald’s fans angry as it axes popular item in major shake-up

Just ahead of winter, McDonald’s is going through another menu over-haul. The Sun reported that the fast-food company has made some major changes including axing one very popular item, which has caused widespread uproar of fans on social media.

My last EVER Chicken Legend ❤️

— Owen Reed (@OwenReed_) October 18, 2022

This fan posted a photo of their last Chicken Legend

McDonald’s axes Chicken Legend

The biggest casualty of the new menu shake-up for fans has been the McDonald’s Chicken Legend, which will be discontinued from the McDonald’s menu from 19 October. The burger was available with cool mayo, bbq and hot and spicy mayo flavours.

Fans took to social media in large numbers to express their anger and disappointment at the decision.

One fan Tweeted,

Just found out McDonald’s is removing chicken legend off their menu. I’m going to need a few days to process this

Another writes,

Why can’t you introduce this as a temporary item and then bring back the Chicken Legend in a few months time? You are about to lose hundreds, if not thousands of regular customers who go to McDonald’s specifically for a Chicken Legend meal!

Similar sentiments are being echoes by most fans on social media.

News items at McDonald’s

McDonald’s new menu items will be available at their branches nationwide from October 19. These include McCrispy Burger which will be become a permanent menu item.

Nacho cheese wedges will also be introduced in McDonald’s but they will be offered a little later, from 26 October. BBQ Bacon Stacks are coming back which would feature beef patties topped with pepper jack cheese and bacon.

So even though you have to say goodbye to the Chicken Legend, there is a whole host of new menu items for you to enjoy.

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