McDonald’s fans want someone 'sacked' over decision not to sell adult Happy Meals in UK

food, mcdonald’s fans want someone 'sacked' over decision not to sell adult happy meals in uk

McDonald’s adult Happy Meals will not be available in the UK

McDonald’s fans couldn’t wait after the company announced they were making adult versions of their famous Happy Meals but this excitement quickly turned to frustration after it was revealed that they would not be on sale in the UK. Customers in the US have been showing off their boxes, which include a little toy along with 10 nuggets or a Big Mac, fries and a drink.

A McDonald’s spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News: “We have no plans to roll this out in the UK”. This decision has made UK McDonald’s fans pretty angry.

People have turned to Twitter to vent their frustrations about McDonald’s decision not to sell adult Happy Meals in the UK. Twitter user @tiramisutaster wrote: “Did McDonald’s really think the UK would not want the adult Happy Meal, nor be annoyed at that decision? Whoever made that call needs to be sacked.”

Another user, @Lilydudee, called on McDonald’s to “explain yourself” over the decision. One user was even contemplating whether it would be worth buying an adult Happy Meal toy from the US and shipping it to the UK.

However, some UK customers are hoping that McDonald’s will bring the adult version of Happy Meals to the UK eventually after they’ve tested it out in the US. One Twitter user reminded them that the vegan McPlant burger was initially tried out in the States and then rolled out in the UK.

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