McDonald's Just Introduced 'Happy Meals' for Adults and We're Downright Ecstatic

food, mcdonald's just introduced 'happy meals' for adults and we're downright ecstatic

Feeling like a kid again has never been easier.

Oh, happy day! We hear McDonald’s has released an adult version of the Happy Meal. We won’t even pretend that we’re not going to try it, because we totally are! TikTok content creator @notjimmymaio shows us just how brilliant the marking professionals are at the Golden Arches, and we’re lovin’ it!

Oh come on. You know you want a toy with your lunch, too!

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Just the thought of this idea made us smile. This nostalgic notion reminds us of being young and carefree. Long before the internet and cell phones kept us busy all day long, those entertaining meals at McDonald’s were a great way to keep children occupied. We always enjoyed trying to collect each toy in a series, and we still have a few of our favorite Happy Meal glasses safely stored away.

Yes, you could just order a Big Mac combo, but a Big Mac combo doesn’t come in a cool little box, and it sure doesn’t come with a toy. This also has us wondering, do you get those little cookies in your adult Happy Meal, too? We didn’t know we wanted them, but in fact; we do! In reality, they may only be animal crackers shaped like McDonald’s characters, but they were still better somehow!

The audience was happy to hear of his light-hearted idea. Viewer @izi commented,”My life is complete omg, YES!” That’s some real McNugget passion right there. Viewer @Astrid_smith commented, “Times like this I wish I wasn’t a vegetarian.” That’s unfortunate in this scenario; maybe they could do double fries instead?

We hope the McDonald’s near us will be serving these because we’d love to feel a little younger again. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to eat a Big Mac!

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