McDonald's-Obsessed Dog Wrestles French Fries off Owner in 'Crazy' Video

food, mcdonald's-obsessed dog wrestles french fries off owner in 'crazy' video

A dog being fed french fries from McDonalds – footage of a canine wrestling the potato treats off his owner has people in hysterics.

A video of a dog wrestling a portion of McDonald’s french fries away from his owner has left viewers in hysterics online.

Footage of the thief stealing the fast-food from its human companion was shared by jnjcreations to TikTok, where it has been viewed over 12 million times. Watch it here.

While the canine may be small in stature, it shows enough fight to nab the fries from its owner, whose expression is one of amusement and frustration.

McDonald’s is a constant source of fascination to fast-food fans online, whether it’s discovering how the iconic Big Mac is put together or one recent story about a customer and the most bizarre order you are ever likely to hear.

It’s rare for dogs to show an interest in things from the Golden Arches—and that’s just as well too. According to animal welfare charity Blue Cross, while white potatoes are safe for dogs and represent “a good source of potassium and carbohydrates” they should ideally be cooked for canines with “no oil or seasoning.”

Although it’s common to give dogs fries from time to time, like any fast food, it’s better for them to enjoy it in moderation.

Not that the dog featured in the viral clip is heeding that advice, of course, with the canine shown wolfing down the hot potato snacks, while his owner looks on, defeated.

“When your dog go crazy over McDonald’s fries,” an onscreen caption reads.

But while the owner may have been left one portion of fries short, he’s gained plenty of new friends on social media with fans flocking to comment on the clip.

Fedda_luche49 thought the footage was “funny as hell” while genesic_ commented: “he is just like me. I love McDonald’s fries.”

Rroman510 was in stitches, writing: “He ain’t playing about them fries” with dutchess855 concluding it would be better to “just give them the bag” rather than fight the dog on it.

Elsewhere, LittleChaos0627 said: “I thought my doggies went crazy for them fries!” while Minerva Rios commented: “Mine too!! No joke they love them.”

Alonzo_lerone, meanwhile, couldn’t believe what he was watching, writing “they were tussling” with MartiniMarie1 concluding the dog was likely left with a “mouth full of paper bag and fries.”

This isn’t the first time a canine has gone viral thanks to its love of fries.

Last time out, however, the dog in question was a little more particular about how it enjoyed its and insisted its owner dip each and every one in ketchup.

In this instance, condiments were clearly the last thing on this four-legged friend’s mind.

Newsweek has contacted jnjcreations for comment.

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