Mercedes-Benz Just Teased the Tiny Electric Camper Van You've Been Waiting for

You'll be able to meet the Concept EQT Marco Polo next month.

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Mercedes-Benz AG

Camper vans are wonderful. But they’re not especially fuel-efficient. An electric camper van still feels like a far-off dream. But Mercedes-Benz teased a tiny electric camper van concept, the Concept EQT Marco Polo, which the brand will reveal on December 2.

The Concept EQT Marco Polo will be based on the production T-Class. Mercedes did not get into specifics about the Concept EQT Marco Polo’s electric powertrain. But one cool feature that Mercedes does mention is that the bed and kitchen unit will be a “flexible module” that can be easily removed to allow the EQT to serve as a conventional van during the weekdays.

Concept and “vehicle ready to go into mass production” are two different things. But we would expect the Concept EQT Marco Polo, essentially an electric minivan, to be closer to reality than an EV van concept like the Winnebago e-RV based on an aftermarket EV-converted Ford Transit with only 125 miles of range.

Don’t get your hopes up about a production version of the Concept EQT Marco Polo making it to the United States. The combustion T-Class is not sold in America. And the American Mercedes-Benz media website not bothering to mention the concept is not encouraging. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see an electric Mercedes camper van.

The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular base vehicles for custom camper vans. And Mercedes’s second take on the electric Sprinter, the eSprinter 2.0, will be built in America and arrive in late 2023.

Whether the eSprinter 2.0 gets converted to a camper van is probably not a question of the feasibility as much as the potential range. According to CNet Cars, Mercedes aims to double the range of the eSprinter for the next generation. But that would still leave it with somewhere between 170 and 200 miles of range with the largest battery configuration, which may not be enough for many campers.

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