Mexico Visa For Indians: A Handy Guide To Help You Get The Approval In 2022!

If you are planning on visiting Mexico from India, there are several things that you do need to keep in mind when it comes to acquiring a Mexico Visa for Indians. This is a handy guide that will help you apply for the same. For this, it is a necessity that you need to visit the Mexican embassy near you to get your details and queries sorted out. Given that the process is not as easy as it sounds, you can either complete the entire process online or do the same via an agency but the latter will cost you extra charges.

Mexico Visa For Indians: How To Get

explore, travel, mexico, mexico visa for indians: a handy guide to help you get the approval in 2022!

If you are visiting Mexico on a vacation or any other job, you must know about the varying ways through which you can apply for a visa. Any issued visa for Mexico is valid for 180 days, following which you do need to get back. In the meanwhile, it is also important that you don’t take up paid work or such because that is illegal and can land you in the prison for misconduct. As for the application process or how one can acquire a visa for Mexico, the process can be done via two modes.


explore, travel, mexico, mexico visa for indians: a handy guide to help you get the approval in 2022!

The first and the most convenient way of applying for the visa for Mexico is with e-visa. One is suggested to visit their online page, fill in their request and then wait for their round of calls to take the process further. The process can take anywhere between a week to a month, depending on the kind of rush that they are experiencing.

Through Centers

explore, travel, mexico, mexico visa for indians: a handy guide to help you get the approval in 2022!

If you are not that good with technology and want a good exception with the work, the next best thing to do is apply for the visa via the varying visa centers that are available around. Mind you, that they will charge their commission, so the price is often a bit more than the standard.

Mexico Visa For Indians: Application Process

explore, travel, mexico, mexico visa for indians: a handy guide to help you get the approval in 2022!

To gain entry to Mexico, an individual needs to have their application process ready. For this, not only would you need a visa but also a Forma Migratoria Multiple or the Mexico Tourist Card that can further help you manage the application process.

For the process further, you do need to have a few essentials sorted out. Some of the important attributes that are a must to have included the passport, airplane ticket, email address as well as the effective modes of payment.

Once you have all of these important documents sorted, it does become a lot easier for you to apply for the visa without any issues as such.
Some of the steps in the application process include:

  • Start by collecting all the information that you would probably need for the process
  • Once that is done, you can visit the online page or rely on the centers to get that done
  • You need to then fill out the information as suggested under the same
  • Often, the first page of the application is where you fill in the personal details
  • The second page of the form is where you put in the necessary information regarding the payments
  • The third part of the application is where you need to update the necessary documents as per the requirements

Getting the Mexico Tourist Card can be done online while the tourist visa options can only be availed from the embassy where you need to get the information accordingly.

Mexico Visa For Indians: Requirements For The Application

explore, travel, mexico, mexico visa for indians: a handy guide to help you get the approval in 2022!

If you are applying for a Mexican visa, there are a few eligibility criteria and documentation that you do need to carry with you at all times.
Some of the important documents and requirements include:

  • A valid passport
  • Return or the onward ticket
  • Proof for the financial means
  • Filled out the application form
  • Passport-sized photograph (one but carrying multiples in case)
  • Fees (payable to the embassy or the center)
  • Specified letter with the reason of visit along with the dates
  • Permanent address proof in India

Mexico Visa For Indians: Fees

explore, travel, mexico, mexico visa for indians: a handy guide to help you get the approval in 2022!

Irrespective of whether you are getting the visa directly via the embassy or through a center, fees are must for both the cases, some more and some less. Since there are not many options for the visa on arrival needs, the fees depend on what they are charging before you booking your complete trip.

The embassy fee for the Mexico visa is INR 2999.00 and the extra added fee, if you are going through the center is different which is added as a service few along with the embassy fee. Aside from that, the process of visa issuance varies in three stages of standard processing, rushed and super rushed processing. The fees for the rushed and super rushed processing are higher and vary.

For those who have been struggling to have a better idea about the process of the Mexico visa for Indians, we have sorted out all the necessary information that you possibly need to know about. Just make sure that you do clear out the application process without any issues and provide with all the correct details and documents for the smooth processing of the visa. This is what makes all the difference in the end. So, when are you planning your next Mexico trip?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mexican Visa For Indians

How long can an Indian citizen stay in Mexico for a visa?

The citizens of India visiting Mexico on a tourist visa can stay for 180 days straight and not more than that. You must plan your trip accordingly to avoid any kind of issue with that.

How many entries are possible with the visa?

The majority of the issued visas from India to Mexico are single visa entries. One FMM can give you access to visit the country once.

Do the kids need separate FMM?

Yes, much like any other application process, even for the Mexico visa, you need to apply for the FMM separately for the kids. You must follow the same steps accordingly.

How would one know that their FMM is ready?

The best mode of communication is via email. So, once your FMM is done, the same is intimidated to you via the email which you can access and get aboard for your vacation to Mexico.

Can any mistakes in the application be undone?

If you are getting the visa application processed via a center, you can contact the center’s customer support and talk to them about the discrepancies which can later be fixed as per the needs. Just make sure to avoid doing mistakes and cross-check them when you are applying itself.

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