Mind-Blowing McDonald's Menu Items From Around The World

food, mind-blowing mcdonald's menu items from around the world

Global McDonald’s meals

Did you know McDonald’s in Canada sells poutine? Or that you can get a Mango McFlurry with your Big Mac in Malaysia? From Corn Pie and Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake to McSpaghetti, here’s what you can get at McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

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McSpicy Paneer, India

A cheeseburger like no other, the McSpicy Paneer found at McDonald’s in India contains a crispy patty made with paneer, a cheese popular in Indian cooking. It’s accompanied by creamy tandoori sauce and lettuce.

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Ebi Burger, Hong Kong

Thought the Filet-O-Fish was unpopular? At McDonald’s Hong Kong, seafood burgers are the main attraction. These golden Ebi Burgers contain crisp and juicy shrimp patties. They can also come with a breaded fish fillet or pineapple.

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Corn Pie, Thailand

A sweet treat for McDonald’s fans in Thailand is the Corn Pie which comes in the signature apple pie shell, but is stuffed with a sweet, salty and creamy corn filling. First sold here, it soon became popular with South Koreans visiting Thailand and was subsequently launched in South Korea for a period of time.

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Cheesy Eggdesal, Philippines

Love cheese omelets? Then you’ll love the Cheesy Eggdesal breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s Philippines. It features a fluffy, folded egg, with melted cheese in the middle, in a soft, toasted bun.

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Panzerotti, Italy

Head to McDonald’s in Italy and you can get warm, cheesy, tomato-ey Panzerotti. We think these little pastries are genius and would make a perfect pre-burger appetizer.

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Bulgogi Burger, South Korea

This pork burger is found on McDonald’s menus in South Korea. The Bulgogi Burger is a pork patty covered in sweet, sticky bulgogi sauce, plus a little lettuce and mayo. You can also get it as a double or with an egg in it.

food, mind-blowing mcdonald's menu items from around the world

Mango McFlurry, Malaysia

This fruity McFlurry at McDonald’s Malaysia combines the best of both worlds. Sweet, juicy mango and chocolatey Oreo bits, swirled into vanilla ice cream.

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Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger, Malaysia

Another highlight at McDonald’s Malaysia is the Thai Green Curry Chicken Burger. Crispy chicken is topped with plenty of Thai green curry sauce and vegetable slaw, and served in an oblong bun.

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McVegan, Finland and Sweden

McDonald’s outposts in Finland and Sweden were well ahead of the plant-based curve when they launched the McVegan in 2017. It features a soy protein patty, vegan mayo, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. The McPlant, another vegan burger launched in 2021 in several countries, featuring plant-based cheese and a Beyond Meat patty.

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Dosa Masala Burger, India

A staple of south Indian cuisine, dosa is a thin fermented rice and lentil pancake with a spicy potato filling. McDonald’s India used the classic dish as inspiration for a burger by putting a turmeric-spiced mashed potato and pea patty and chutney inside a bun.

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Poutine, Canada

As if McDonald’s fries weren’t good enough, McDonald’s Canada has elevated them by serving them in a version of poutine, the country’s much-loved dish. The menu item sees the fries topped with cheese curds and rich gravy, and served in a cardboard box. Grab a fork and dig in.

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Taro Pie, China

You might think golden, crunchy Apple Pie is central to a McDonald’s dessert menu, but not in China. Instead they have Taro Pie and Pineapple Pie. Taro is a starchy vegetable and people say the texture inside the pie is similar to mashed potatoes, except it’s sweet and brightly colored.

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Big Brekkie Burger, Australia

Lucky Australians can get their hands on something called a Big Brekkie Burger from McDonald’s. The breakfast behemoth features a beef patty, hash brown, egg, bacon, melted cheese and barbecue sauce in a toasted sesame seed bun, and is available until 10.30am. Sadly, there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

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Local Deluxe Breakfast Platter, Hawaii

Head to McDonald’s in Hawaii and you’ll find a surprising regional breakfast dish on the menu. Restaurants serve a breakfast platter which includes rice, scrambled eggs, Spam and Portuguese sausage.

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Masala Scrambled Egg, India

Those in India can enjoy this hearty, flavor-packed breakfast dish from McDonald’s – scrambled eggs with herbs and spices, served with a toasted bun. It also serves more Western items such as classic scrambled eggs, hash browns and hot cakes.

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Cheddar McMelt, Brazil

This extra cheesy, extra flavorsome burger can be found in Brazil’s McDonald’s restaurants. It features a thick layer of melted Cheddar and grilled onions in soy sauce, on top of a beef patty. The burger is completed with a dark bread sesame bun.

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McPollo Italiano, Chile

Thought mashed avocado was too fancy for McDonald’s? That’s not the case if you’re at McDonald’s in Chile. The McPollo Italiano is a sandwich featuring crispy chicken, tomato slices, mayo and mashed avocado in a sesame seed bun.

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McArabia Chicken, Saudi Arabia

McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia serves the McArabia Chicken – two halal grilled chicken patties with lettuce, tomato, onion and garlic sauce in a flatbread. We reckon it would taste even better with a few fries added in.

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Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti, Philippines

A classic McDonald’s menu choice in the Philippines is Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti. The order consists of one piece of crispy chicken served with spaghetti in a minced beef and tomato sauce, topped with cheese. It’s an unusual food combination but we wouldn’t say no to it.

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Kaprao Crispy Chicken, Thailand

McDonald’s isn’t known for its curries but if you happen to be at the Golden Arches in Thailand, check out the Kaprao Crispy Chicken dish. It’s fried chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce, served with rice. Hungry customers can add a fried egg for an extra 10 baht (32c/26p).

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Nasi Lemak, Malaysia

The unofficial national dish in Malaysia, nasi lemak, can be found everywhere in the country including McDonald’s. Rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf is served with fried anchovies, fresh cucumber and a fried or boiled egg. It comes with spicy sambal (made from chilies, shallots and garlic) and a side of fried chicken.

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Samurai Pork Burger, Thailand

In Thailand you can get the Samurai Pork Burger (pictured on the right). A pork patty is covered in teriyaki sauce, topped with lettuce and mayo, and served in a bun. There’s also the option to double up or add an egg.

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Big Vegan TS, Germany

Germany’s answer to the McVegan, the Big Vegan TS premiered Nestlé’s vegan patty made from soy and wheat protein. Layered on top is lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard and crispy onions to make a big, juicy plant-powered tower.

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Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake, Hong Kong

It’s not just the savory McDonald’s items that vary around the world. McCafés have a range of differing sweet treats too, such as this Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake in Hong Kong outposts. The mille crêpe cake (which roughly translates as thousand pancake cake) is made with layers of matcha pancakes, matcha cream and red beans.

food, mind-blowing mcdonald's menu items from around the world

Chicken Big Mac

Previously only available in Australia, the mega Chicken Big Mac launched in the UK and Ireland in February 2022. The triple-layered bun features two crispy chicken breast patties, cheese, lettuce, pickles and, of course, Big Mac sauce. It joined the menu as a limited-edition item until March, but we’re sure UK fans will hope it sticks around longer.

food, mind-blowing mcdonald's menu items from around the world

Hash Brown McMuffin

Personalizing McDonald’s orders is nothing new but for customers in the US, there are now four official ‘hacked’ menu items to enjoy for a limited time. The combinations were chosen from suggestions on social media and include the Hash Brown McMuffin (a Sausage McMuffin with Egg plus a hash brown), the Crunchy Double (six Chicken McNuggets stuffed inside a Double Cheeseburger) and the Surf + Turf (a Filet-O-Fish and Double Cheeseburger mash-up). Our favorite? The mammoth Land, Air & Sea – a Big Mac, McChicken and Filet-O-Fish combo.

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