MINUTE BURGER Menu (with Delivery & Pick up)

Filipinos are absolutely fond of eating. We eat more than three times a day because there will always be a snack time or merienda in between! And it doesn’t matter when or where, because we are always game for some merienda all the time.

One of our classic all-time favorites is hamburgers. There have been lots of restaurants, stalls, and fast food chains that certainly charmed our gentle hearts through their tasty burger menus but there’s only one store that really captured the taste of the Filipino masses and that’s Minute Burger. This burger joint owned by Leslie Corporation, the company behind the iconic Clover Chips, has been serving delicious and affordable Buy 1 Take 1 burger to Filipinos since 1982. As of today, Minute Burger has over 600 stores operating nationwide and they are all truly “Sulit Sarap Kasama!”

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And for an absolutely incredible 4 decades, Minute Burger remained resilient and successfully established its position as one of the OG burger joints in the Philippines. Every hard-working Filipino, student, professional, businessman, and even a simple kid will always have a place they call “home” with Minute Burger.

Minute Burger Menu

The secret to Minute Burger’s extraordinary menu is its strong connection with the Filipino appetite. The OG burgers, hotdogs, chicken, sausage, and even corned beef are just some of the most popular choices. Moreover, who would say no to a Buy 1 Take 1 deal? Well, I know for sure that Filipinos won’t! Minute Burger’s menu is absolutely sulit and you shouldn’t miss the chance to give it a try!

Of course, we should start with the iconic burger that made Minute Burger famous all over the Philippines. It’s the one and only Minute Burger. Yup, same name! This affordable yet heavenly burger is the perfect snack for Filipinos on the go. It’s a combination of Minute Burger’s deliciously meaty patty, special sauce, and toasted buns.

Buy 1 Take 1 Minute Burger P 39
Buy 1 Take 1 Double Minute Burger P 55
Buy 1 Take 1 Cheesy Burger P 46
Buy 1 Take 1 Double Cheesy Burger P 69
Buy 1 Take 1 Bacon Cheese Burger P 84
Buy 1 Take 1 Black Pepper Burger P 77
Buy 1 Take 1 Beef Pizza Burger P 81
Buy 1 Take 1 50/50 Veggie Chicken Burger P 73
Buy 1 Take 1 Baconnaise Crispy Chicken P 80
Buy 1 Take 1 Beef Shawarma Burger P 77
Buy 1 Take 1 Double Chicken Time P 59
Buy 1 Take 1 Chicken Time P 43

explore, travel, minute burger menu (with delivery & pick up)

Next up, Minute Burger’s Bacon Cheese Burger is hailed as one of the franchise’s all-time favorites thanks to its supreme combination of flavors that will leave you wanting even more. It consists of an upgraded version of Minute Burger’s signature 100% beef patty, coleslaw, cheese sauce, bacon, and toasted sesame buns. Just one of these bad boys will surely make your day, imagine having two!

Minute Burger was also able to diversify its menu by including another irresistible delight that Filipinos absolutely loved, Hotdog Sandwiches. Yup! Their Bacon Cheese Franks, Chili Con Cheese Franks, and New York Dogs are just some of the examples and they really are 100% delicious. If you want to try on different snacks other than burgers, then these are easily the top choices.

Buy 1 Take 1 Bacon Cheese Franks P 77
Buy 1 Take 1 Chili Con Cheese Franks P 79
Buy 1 Take 1 Cheesy Dog P 42
MERRY BIGTIME BUNDLE (good for 6 persons) P 499
MERRY HOTDOG BUNDLE (good for 6 persons) P 469
MERRY CHICKEN BUNDLE (good for 4 persons) P 289
MERRY SULIT BUNDLE (good for 4 persons) P 299

There are still a lot more to try in Minute Burger’s incredible menu such as the Black Pepper Burger, Beef Pizza Burger, Crispy Chicken Burger, Double Chicken Time, Chili Con Nachos, Cheesy Dog, and more! They even have breakfast deals that are perfect for our hungry tummies in the morning like the Corned Beef and Sausage Burgers. Oh, and there are also yummy beverages available to pair with your favorite snacks like the Smooth Blend Coffee, French Coco, Icy Choco, and the refreshing Calamantea.

Krazy Wintermelon Milk Tea P 28
Calamantea P 21
Frutwist P 21
Iced Choco P 24
Hot Choco P 13
Hot Coffee P 13
Mineral Water P 16
Cheesy Carne Nachos P 49

For Minute Burger’s complete set of menus, click here! You can also view their updated meals and deals at their Minute Burger Go! platform for your convenience.

explore, travel, minute burger menu (with delivery & pick up)

Minute Burger Delivery

What makes Minute Burger great isn’t only its affordable and delicious Buy 1 Take 1 deals, but its ability to satisfy our cravings in many ways! Minute Burger branches all over the country are open 24 hours to cater to our burger cravings any time of the day. Moreover, Minute Burger also has its very own Minute Burger Go! platform where customers can order ahead of time and then pick up their favorite Minute Burger snacks on their selected branch.

Minute Burger also made sure that you can enjoy your favorite burger delights anytime and anywhere by joining major food delivery platforms like GrabFood and Food Panda. Make sure to follow their social media accounts to avail yourself of vouchers and discounts!


Minute Burger is open for franchise. For an initial investment of PHP 290,000, you can choose from any combination of stores from Junior stores to full stores. For more information on how to franchise, check all the information on their website.


Minute Burger is undoubtedly one of the most successful food franchises in the Philippines. And they were able to do that by providing delicious yet affordable snacks for Filipinos. The company also made sure that anyone who craves their signature burgers can easily have it anytime and anywhere at their own convenience! Currently, it has more than 600 branches nationwide.

Another factor for Minute Burger’s success is its outstanding ability to promote its products on social media. They were able to connect with their customers in an amazing way by including current issues, trends, and even memes in their promotions and posts!

Check out Minute Burger’s incredible social media presence by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Well, that’s it for now. See you on our next foodventure together!