Mom Lets Toddlers Use Fine China and Discovers Something Remarkable

food, mom lets toddlers use fine china and discovers something remarkable

Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit for.

If you have a toddler, chances are they drink the majority of their beverages out of plastic cups with tops. Cups that will bounce or roll if they hit the floor instead of cracking and spilling the contents everywhere. There’s a reason why you give your toddlers drinks in these cups…because you don’t want your glasses and other fragile cups destroyed.

But the mom in this video from @wanderingpeacockhouse decided to be brave with her fine china…like really brave. And you might be surprised to see what happened.


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How cute do they look drinking from their little cups? And not breaking them? As the mom wrote:

“Welcome to my kitchen. Although I don’t always let my children use fine chine at least one meal a day I do, and let them use them more and more. Their baby plates they throw them and mistreat them as if they don’t like that they have their own plastic wear and grown ups eat off of something different something g obviously better. For me, now that they are older I fine myself letting them use China more and more. It doesn’t matter if they break them I have extra space on my wall.”

It would make broken cups a lot less painless, knowing you could work them into part of your super cool mosaic wall. But maybe you could start a mosaic wall with your own broken cups! Or at least a mosaic tray or something, if you don’t want to break that many.

Commenters loved this idea:

“I hope you never have to move because that is beautiful”

“I bought 1950s luncheon sets and my kids LOVED using the fancy dishes. Most were in boxes unused, until their little hands held them in delight”

“Also, what’s the point of owning items you refuse to use?”

“Sustainable child rearing turning mistakes into art. This is the way it all things”

Such great ideas! Who needs plastic? Sustainable, chic, and so much fun.

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