Mom's Recipe for 'Baked Apples With Brie and Walnuts' Is Making Our Mouths Water

food, mom's recipe for 'baked apples with brie and walnuts' is making our mouths water

This is seriously the appetizer of our dreams.

We can’t stop watching this video of baked brie-stuffed apples. This recipe embodies all the things that are so wonderfully fall. TikTok content creator @erekasfood has our stomachs growling at the very sight of these magical apples.

You haven’t seen a baked apple or baked brie like this before!

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We love a warm brie any way you serve it to us, but we’ve never seen it served inside a baked apple before. My, oh my! When she cut into the apple, our hearts nearly melted along with the brie. All the cheesy goodness inside that soft sweet baked apple with the crunch of the walnuts, has to taste just heavenly!

This easy fall treat starts by scooping out the top of an apple. Trim off the rind from the brie and stuff those soft buttery pieces inside. Pour in maple syrup, and top with as many crunchy walnuts as you can fit. We aren’t sure we can wait 30 minutes while they bake, but we will try. They must make the whole house smell incredible!

Viewers were happy to have learned of this new fall idea! TikTok user @Jemma OConnor135 commented, “Never wanted to eat something through my screen so badly.” We feel your pain. Viewer @Janell Powell asked, “What kind of apple works best to give you something not too mushy but not too firm with good flavor?” The recipe’s creator @erekasfood replied, “I used honeycrisp.” Those are one of our favorites, too!

This recipe is both a perfect personal treat and an equally sensational fall appetizer. We think we might even add it to our Thanksgiving tables this year, too!

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