Monarch Tractor lands $3M to accelerate electric farm equipment that supplies energy back to grid

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Fully-electric, autonomous farm equipment manufacturer Monarch Tractor has announced that the company, alongside its group partners have been awarded a grant of $3 million from the California Energy Commission to accelerate the electrification of agricultural equipment. Furthermore, the companies will demonstrate bi-directional capabilities in the farming equipment to support local electrical grids during power outages brought on by more frequent wildfires.

Monarch Tractor describes itself as a “farmer first design” manufacturer focused on revolutionizing the agricultural industry by accelerating clean farming equipment using electric, autonomous technologies.

It’s flagship product, the MK-V electric tractor, can operate for over 10 hours autonomously. Equipped with battery swap capabilities, the MK-V could realistically operate for around the clock if needed, too. Monarch is currently working toward the start of production of its Founder’s Series electric tractors at its current footprint in Livermore, California, which should begin ramping this quarter.

Starting in early 2023 however, Monarch Tractors will move its electric farm equipment manufacturing to Lordstown, Ohio as part of a contract agreement with Foxconn announced in August.

With a major contract manufacturer building its electric tractors in the midwest, Monarch will work with its coalition of likeminded sustainable farming companies in California to accelerate the development of new EV technologies, backed by a fresh influx of $3 million.

Monarch’s MK-V electric, autonomous tractor

California awards grant to accelerate electric farm equipment

According to a press release from Monarch Tractors, itself and the Farm Electrification Consortium it is a member of, has been awarded a grant from California Energy Commission (CEC). In addition to Monarch, the consortium includes Gridtractor, Rhombus Energy Solutions, Current Ways, and Polaris Energy Services.

The company and its partners state the grant will be used to accelerate and demonstrate the battery capabilities within electric farm equipment to support critical electrical loads during power outages, particularly during wildfires – a growing issue in California. Monarch cofounder and CEO Praveen Penmetsa spoke:

With grid shutdowns, hardworking farmers lose significant time, resources and money in a business where America’s growers already struggle to see the profits of their hard labor. Our tractor’s ability to provide exportable power and act as a mobile generator will help keep the lights on for California’s farms even when the grid is down.

In addition to emergency scenarios like wildfire outages, the consortium also intends to demonstrate the benefits of its tractor batteries in powering irrigation pumps and other on-site energy demands when peak grid usage is at its highest. Gridtractor CEO David Meyers elaborated:

Farm equipment electrification can not only provide dramatic savings for growers but enable them to take control of their energy. For the grid, agriculture is one sector in California with the electrical infrastructure already in place to support rapid EV adoption. With the backing of the CEC, this project will support building, deploying and testing the technologies required to take advantage of that opportunity.

Together, the consortium states it will develop all the hardware, software, and communications technologies necessary to link electric farming equipment like tractors and chargers to fleet operation hubs and electrical grid management systems. An extra $3 million should certainly help!

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