More than 6,000 baby turtles are released in Peru

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More than 6,000 hatchlings of three species of endangered turtles have been released into lakes and lagoons in Peru’s Amazon basin to help them repopulate, officials said Saturday.

To achieve that, wildlife officials collect turtle eggs and transfer them from natural beaches of the Amazon basin, to artificial beaches where they are artificially incubated for 60 days until they hatch.

Gustavo Montoya, head of the Cordillera Azul del Sernanp National Park, told AFP that over 6,100 baby turtles of the taricaya, charapa and teparo species have been released into the waters of the Amazon basin.

“With the release of these species at risk, it will be possible to repopulate the lagoons and rivers of the Amazon,” said Montoya.

Environmental scientists say that preserving the Amazon rainforest and its ecosystem is vital for the planet because of its ability to absorb greenhouse gasses.

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