Moto Guzzi Collaborates With Palace And Gucci On Limited-Edition V7

If you ever wished for Gucci panniers on your Guzzi, here you go.

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If you’re thinking that we haven’t had a good motorcycle world x fashion world collaboration in some time, Moto Guzzi is here to change that in October, 2022. The storied eagle brand from Mandello del Lario has teamed up with British skate fashion brand Palace, as well as Italian (and worldwide) fashion icon Gucci. That’s right: It’s a three-way design collaboration, and it involves a limited-edition Moto Guzzi V7 Stone.

The aesthetics, of course, are what it’s all about—although we suppose you could say there may be a practical element involved as well, since panniers are part of the aesthetic choices that the trio made. A Moto Guzzi V7 Stone embodies the collaborative design choices enacted upon it by Palace and Gucci for the upcoming Palace Gucci collection.

As such, most of the V7 Stone details themselves are blacked out. Black mirrors, headlight bezel, exhaust, wheels, side cases, engine cases, fork gaiters—you get the idea. A burnished gold V7 Stone badge sits on the side case, in stark relief against the matte black finish—like a piece of carefully chosen jewelry.

This backdrop proves an ample display setting for Palace and Gucci’s portions of the collaboration. The tank is covered in Palace’s woodland camouflage print, a consistent design motif that the fashion company likes to employ. A burnished gold Palace Gucci badge adorns the sight ide of the tank, where you might expect a Moto Guzzi badge of some sort to go normally be displayed on a less special version of this bike. Never fear; the Moto Guzzi eagle proudly flies its badge on the left side of the tank.

The dark brown leather saddle might be the thing that draws your eye most, even if you aren’t a fashion person. It’s monogrammed with the Gucci logo—or, in technical terms, the Guccissima Pattern. I don’t know about you, but when I see intricate leatherwork, my brain can’t help but stop and think about all the time and skill it must have taken to craft this relatively tiny thing that I’m seeing in front of me. The stitching is, of course, absolutely beautiful as well.

So far, we’ve seen two Moto Guzzi V7 Stone details that showcase either Palace or Gucci’s design team working separately—but not both together. The set of travel panniers that mount on either side of the brown leather, monogrammed saddle was designed by both Palace and Gucci, and bring both brands’ signature prints together on these two pieces. The monogrammed canvas roll-top design stands ready to make your next journey on this V7 Stone your most fashion-forward one yet—or, you know, to stand proudly on display wherever new owners opt to place it.

The Palace Gucci Moto Guzzi (say that five times fast) officially launches as part of the Palace Gucci collection on Friday, October 21, 2022. It will be available from Vault Gucci online, as well as in several of Gucci’s official stores around the world: London, Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Osaka, and Bangkok. Pricing and availability information have not been announced, but may become more clear at the launch.

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