Motorcycle Sales In Spain Grew Modestly In September 2022

Scooters and electric two-wheelers are largely responsible for the increase in sales.

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Motorcycle sales in Spain were rather lackluster for the month of September, 2022, reflecting pretty much the industry outlook for the rest of Europe. Overall, the first nine months of 2022 yielded a modest seven-percent growth, with the most notable industry drivers being scooters and electric motorcycles with 16 percent and 60 percent growth figures, respectively.

Drilling down a bit further, the total registrations for new two-wheelers in Spain for the month of September 2022 amounted to 15,799 units. Out of all these bikes, 6,470 of them are street legal machines. Interestingly, scooters make up more than half of the market share with their slice of the pie being equal to 55 percent. Off-road bikes such as enduro and motocross machines saw a slight drop of 5.2 percent, and sold a total of 621 units.

Looking at things from a month-to-date perspective, the first three quarters of 2022 yielded a total of 134,988 new motorcycles sold in Spain. This translates to a modest growth of seven percent versus the same period of the previous year. Scooters were a major contributor to this growth with a total of 75,359 scooters resulting in 16 percent growth for the segment. Street bikes, which came in at a total of 54,110 units saw a 2.3 percent decline, while off-roaders saw a 4.5-percent drop with just 5,330 units sold.

Other segments that saw a downtrend include mopeds, which sold only 11,880 from January to September resulting in a 10-percent decline. However, three wheelers grew by five percent, with 2,479 units sold, and electric motorcycles raked in 11,880 units translating to an impressive 69 percent growth rate, and a seven percent market share for the entire industry. All that being said, we can expect a continuous uptrend for the electric segment, as more and more people are making the shift to electric thanks to government incentives, lowered costs of ownership, and growing environmental awareness.

auto, autos, car, cars, motorcycle sales in spain grew modestly in september 2022

As for specifi models, the Yamaha MT-07, Kawasaki Z900, and Yamaha Ténéré 700 are among the favorites when it comes to street bikes. Meanwhile, models like the Honda PCX, Kymco Agility, and SYM Symphony posted the highest sales figures in the scooter segment.

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