Mount Fuji Overnight Climb Itinerary

explore, travel, mount fuji overnight climb itinerary

At 3,776 meters above sea level, Mount Fujisan or simply Mount Fuji is the highest in Japan. It is in fact considered as an active volcano with last recorded eruption more than three centuries ago. It is one of Japan’s three sacred mountains and considered as a pilgrimage site. No wonder thousands of mountaineers and pilgrims hike its summit every year.

The summit is covered with snow during winter and most of spring and autumn, but dry during summer which usually falls from the months of July to September, the climbing season.

explore, travel, mount fuji overnight climb itinerary

At 8th Station, 3020 meters.

There are four trails going to the summit of Mout Fuji but Yoshida Trail is the most popular as it is the usual route of climbers from Tokyo and nearby areas. While a day trek (bullet climb) from Tokyo is possible, an overnight trek is highly advised specially for non-experienced climbers.

Mount Fuji Overnight Climb Itinerary

Day 10700H: Assembly in Shinjuku Terminal, breakfast0815H: Travel to Kawaguchiko (option for cheaper direct bus, or train to Otsuki then transfer to another train to Kawaguchiko)1030H: Arrival in Kawaguchiko, last minute shopping for snacks, drinks, trail food and other necessities1130H: Bus to Station 51230H: Arrival in Station 5, pay for environmental fee (optional), start trek1330H: Arrival in Station 6, check in at hut, rest1800H: Dinner, lights out2330H: Call time
2345H: Start assault to summit

Day 20045H: Arrival in Station 70145H: Arrival in Station 80230H: Arrival in Station 8.50415H: Arrival in Station 90500H: Estimated time of arrival in the summit0520H: Start descent0800H: Back in Station 6, quickie breakfast, pack-up, check out0845H: Start descent to Station 50915H: Arrival in Station 5, snacks1010H: Bus from Station 5 to Kawaguchiko1100H: Arrival in Kawaguchiko, rest1130H: Bus from Kawaguchiko to Shibuya
1340H: Arrival in Shibuya

explore, travel, mount fuji overnight climb itinerary

The trail going down is made up of loose soil and rocks.

Expenses (in Japanese Yen)

Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Highway Bus – 1,800Kawaguchiko to 5th Station Roundtrip Bus – 2,100Walking Stick – 1,200Environmental Fee – 1,000Seikanso 6th Station (Accomodation + Dinner) – 8,100Kawaguchiko to Shibuya Highway Bus – 1,800Foods – 1,000Miscellaneous – 1,000————————–
Approximately Y17,000 or P8,000

explore, travel, mount fuji overnight climb itinerary

A typical hut along Yoshida Trail of Mount Fuji.

Where to Stay in Mount Fuji

There are accommodations/huts from Station 6 up to Station 8.5. Rate starts at Y7,100 (~P3,500) per person per night during weekdays and Y8,100 (~P4,000) on weekends. Advanced reservation is advised during peak season or month of August. They accept credit cards. For reservation, you may email the huts directly. This site lists all the accommodation along the Main Yoshida Trail from Station 5 all the way to Station 10 with links to the websites of the establishments containing the contact information.

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