Mount Guiting-Guiting Overnight Trek Complete Itinerary

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

In the Filipino mountaineering community, the level of difficulty of a trek is gauged from 1 to 9, with 9 being the highest or the most difficult which may have technical approach. There are only a handful of Philippine mountains with 9/9 difficulty, three of which are in Region IV-B and known as MiMaRoPa Big Three – Mt. Halcon of Mindoro, Mt. Mantalingajan of Palawan and Mt. Guiting-Guiting of Romblon.

For years, I tried avoiding Mount Guiting-Guiting, the famed and iconic mountain of Romblon’s Sibuyan Island. I heard enough stories about its epic trails to scare me. But after years of avoiding her, our paths inevitably crossed.

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

Mostly “kiss-the-wall” trail from Mayo’s Peak to Summit

It was an overnight trek to the summit via Magdiwang trail, a shortened itinerary of the usual three days and two nights. A hard trek made much harder with our limited time frame but we managed to complete safely and soundly. Thanks to the great camaraderie of my team.

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

Choose your group wisely! 🙂

Our overnight trek to Mount Guiting-Guiting was a worthy hardship and I can say that – yes, all the fuss and stories about how challenging Mount Guiting-Guiting is are all true. And I have nothing but great admiration and respect to every brave soul who have reached her pinnacle, no matter how fast or how slow, whatever trail they took.

I have finally summited Mount Guiting-Guiting, but I haven’t conquered her. She conquered me! She conquered me with her challenging yet unparalleled landscape. Such a beaut!

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

At the trail head

Mount Guiting-Guiting Overnight Trek Complete Itinerary

Here is the actual itinerary of our overnight trek to G2.

Day 0: En Route to Sibuyan

1600H Bus from Buendia to Batangas1900H Arrival in Batangas Port / Check-in MV Starlite Saturn
2100H Voyage: Batangas to Magdiwang (Sibuyan)

Day 1: Trek to Mayo’s Peak

0600H Arrival in Sibuyan Island / Proceed to Market0700H Breakfast / Shop for supplies0800H Assembly at guide’s house / Preparation0930H Proceed to DENR / Registration1015H Back at guide’s house / Proceed to trailhead1115H Start trek1330H Camp 21527H Camp 31545H Water Source
1602H Mayo’s Peak / Set Camp

Day 2: Summit Assault and Descent

0600H Call time / breakfast0730H Start trek1115H Peak of Deception1230H Summit1300H Start descent1345H Peak of Deception1500H Water Source1515H Kiss the Wall1600H Camelback1800H Mayo’s Peak / Dinner / Break Camp1915H Resume descent2000H Camp 32200H Camp 2
2300H Camp 1

Day 3: Chill Time in Romblon

0015H Trailhead0100H Back in guide’s house / Fix-up / rest0700H Call time / Breakfast / Fix-up / Pack-up0900H Proceed to Magdiwang Port / Purchase ticket to Romblon / Board Ferry1030H Voyage: Magdiwang to Romblon1230H Arrival in Romblon / Lunch / Buy Supplies/Food for Breakfast1400H Proceed to San Pedro Talipasak1430H Check-in at San Pedro Talipasak / Rest / Free time1630H Proceed to Bonbon Beach / Sunset
1830H Proceed to Romblon Town / Dinner

Day 4: Return Trip

0700H Call Time / Breakfast, Coffee0800H Free time / Beach1000H Proceed to Romblon Port / Purchase Ticket / Shop for souvenirs and lunch / Proceed to Ferry
1200H Voyage: Romblon – Odiongan – Batangas

Day 5: Back in Manila

0100H Arrival in Batangas Port / Transfer to Bus
0400H Arrival in Manila

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

En route to Knife Edge

Breakdown of Expenses

Particulars Cost
Bus: Manila to Batangas Port P197/person
Batangas Port Terminal Fee P30/person
Starlite Ferry: Batangas to Magdiwang (Sibuyan) P1,250/person
Trike: Port – Market – Rest House – DENR – Rest House – Trail Head P200/person
Guide Fee (Magdiwang Backtrail) P3,000/guide (one guide per group of 5)
Porter Fee (Magdiwang Backtrail) P3,000/guide (strictly one guide per group of 5)
Registration Fee P500/person
Food Budget ~P700/person
Miscellaneous Expenses (Certificates, Tips, Groceries, Butane, Service Fees, Trike Commutes) ~P400/person
Ferry: Sibuyan to Romblon – P190/person P190/person
Accommodation: San Pedro Talipasak Resort (Optional) P1,100/room (3-person sharing)
Magdiwang Port Terminal Fee P12/person
Ferry: Romblon to Batangas P954/person
Romblon Port Terminal Fee P15/person
Bus: Batangas Port to Manila P197/person

Approximate Budget per Person (Group of Five DIY) = Approximately P6,200 / person

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

Nearing Peak of Deception

How to Get to Sibuyan Island

Sibuyan Island has three ports that connect the island to various ports of call in Luzon and Visayas – Ambulong Port in the northern town of Magdiwang, Cajidiocan Port in the east and Azagra Port in the southern town of San Fernando.

Here are the known public ferry routes that serve Sibuyan Island:

Batangas to Magdiwang (Direct)

Starlite Ferry departs Batangas Port to Ambulong Port, Magdiwang every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 PM. Travel time: 9 hoursFares:Regular- P1,250/personStudent- P1,000/personSeniors/PWD- P893/personTerminal Fee: P30/person

You can book your bus from Manila to Sibuyan or vice versa below:

Lucena to Magdiwang (Direct)

Starhorse departs Dalahican Port of Lucena City to daily except Friday at 4PM. Travel time: 16 hoursFares:Regular- P900/person (bunk bed); P700/person (seat)Discounts for Student, Senior Citizen and PWD
Terminal Fee: P20/person

Batangas to Magdiwang (Via Odiongan and Romblon)

2Go and Montenegro have departures from Batangas Port to Odiongan and Romblon, Romblon. From Odiongan, catch a van to San Agustin where you can transfer to another Montenegro ferry going to Magdiwang that departs at 4AM. From Romblon, Romblon, the ferry departs at 5:30AM daily.Fares:Regular- P324/person (San Agustin to Magdiwang)Discounts for Student, Senior Citizen and PWD
Terminal Fee: P20/person

Batangas to Cajidiocan (Via San Agustin)

Navios Lines has once a week departure from Batangas Port to Cajidiocan via San Agustin Tablas. Based on latest schedule, the ferry departs Sunday at 7PM, arriving San Agustin on Monday at 4AM and Cajidiocan by 8AM.

Roxas City (Capiz) to Magdiwang (Romblon)

Starlite Ferry departs Culasi Port of Roxas City, Capiz to Ambulong Port of Magdiwang every Tuesday, Thursdat and Saturday at 3 PM.Fares:Regular- P450/personStudent- P360/personSeniors/PWD- P321/person
Terminal Fee: P20/person

Roxas City (Capiz) to Azagra (Romblon)

There’s a daily departure of motorized outrigger boat from Culasi Port of Rixas to Azagra Port of San Fernando, Sibuyan Island. Departure is around 8AM.

Note: Schedule and fares are subject to change. Contact the ferry / boat company for the updates.

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

Not for faint-hearted


  • Climb season is all-year round but best months are from December to March
  • You can do a day or overnight trek to Mt. Guting-Guiting but you will still have to pay the minimum 3-day rate of guide/s and porter/s
  • Guide Contact: Jayson Tangco: +63907-3900365 / + 63965-6713785
  • DENR Magdiwang Contact: +63912-5043329 / +63928-4901038

explore, travel, mount guiting-guiting overnight trek complete itinerary

View from the Knife Edge

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