Mouthwatering Recipe for 'Caesar Chicken' Has Us Drooling

food, mouthwatering recipe for 'caesar chicken' has us drooling

It would be incredible in a sandwich, too.

We are finding everything about this Caesar-style chicken sensational. This fabulous recipe looks so full of flavor and easy enough for a weeknight, too! TikTok content creator @jaceepilkingtonpetko shows us how to create a Caesar-inspired chicken without the salad.

This creamy recipe looks warm, comforting, and perfect for cold nights!

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We’re so trying this immediately. We love a good Caesar salad, but sometimes, we just want a meal that warms our bellies and sticks to our ribs. This simple dish begins with your favorite Caesar dressing. Add to it; shredded Parmesan cheese, minced garlic, sour cream and salt and pepper to taste. She tells us to rub that creamy sauce all over the chicken breasts or chicken tenders, and bake them in the oven. How simple is that?

This is the perfect dinner to prepare in a flash when you’ve had a busy day or have a busy night ahead. This delectable dish could be served over rice for a warm and hearty meal or alongside roasted vegetables to keep it low carb too. We think this recipe would also lend itself well to becoming a sandwich. Toasty, buttered sourdough sounds delightful with this dish. You could even add a little mozzarella and make yourself a panini. This meal is going to be wonderful to have in our recipe box!

The audience enjoyed seeing this recipe too, and viewer @ash asked, “What did you pair this with?” And the recipe’s creator replied, “We paired this with red potatoes and veggies.” That sounds like a tasty and satisfying way to go!

We are excited to try this! We think we just might make this recipe panini-style tonight, with a warm bowl of soup on the side.

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