Mrs Hinch fans share 3p method to get tea and coffee stains out of cups without scrubbing

food, mrs hinch fans share 3p method to get tea and coffee stains out of cups without scrubbing

Cup stains caused by tea and coffee can prove tricky to get out

Most tea and coffee drinkers will know how annoying it can be to have their favourite mug ruined by stubborn stains – but there’s a cheap and easy way to get them looking good as new again.

The brown marks that often build up on the inside of cups are caused by tannins present in tea and coffee, and these pesky stains can refuse to budge even after the cup has been given a thorough clean with soap and water. One desperate tea drinker sought advice on how to get rid of the stains on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page – and soon got some helpful responses, The Mirror reports.

“Stubborn tea stains in mugs, help, please? Not just ‘a little bit of elbow grease’ because I’ve tried that plenty, it makes no difference,” the woman wrote. “Any easier ways? Spill the secrets.”

One of the most commonly suggested tips was to dissolve a denture tablet in hot water inside the mug, which will help to lift the stains. A 30-pack of Steradent denture tablets are available for £1 from Tesco, working out at just 3p per tablet.

One person advised: “Denture tablets dissolved in hot water. An old trick I learned from my Nan several years ago – cleans teaspoons too!”

“I use denture tablets and boiling water. Let it sit for a bit and then wash it as normal,” another added. “Much safer than bleach and does the job perfectly. I prefer to buy the minty tablets as then I can smell if the tablet has lingered a bit and I need to wash the cup a bit more.”

A third member of the group pointed out: “I wouldn’t suggest anything other than cheap denture tablets, it’s the only thing that works. Also, no scrubbing needed.” Others suggested using a paste of salt and water or bicarbonate of sofa to lift the stains.

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