My 2-wheeler RC renewal & car RC hypothecation removal at Bangalore RTO

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There were about 20 vehicles lined up for registration renewal & I think only me & a guy on a Yamaha RD350 were without any broker/agent.

BHPian Sri Vathsa recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

My experience with KA 01 and KA 03 RTO (Bangalore)

My 2-wheeler registration was expiring on 18th October 2022, searched this forum for the procedure and went to the Vahan website. The 1st step is to pay the fees, and for this, you would have to register your mobile number against RC and it was not allowing me to register against my 2-wheeler RC (they wanted me to go to RTO to get this rectified) and when I checked for my car, it worked fine.

Both chassis and engine numbers were matching with what I have in the Vahan app installed on my phone. I checked the actual RC to see if there is any mismatch and this is where I realized that the end date on the Vahan phone app is incorrect! Tried with the date that I have in the actual RC and it worked fine.

  • Green tax (250)
  • Change of address (150)
  • Renewal of registration (300)
  • Postal fee (50)
  • Smart card fee (137)
  • Service/user charge (75)
  • Road safety cess (500)

My 2-wheeler is registered in KA 03 (originally Indiranagar RTO) and now it’s moved to Kasturi Nagar. Took a pencil sketch of the chassis number and washed and polished the bike. Went to RTO at around 11 am with all the necessary documents, asked around and a friendly watchman said to file all documents in order and put that in a file available outside with a self-addressed envelope along with a postage stamp (yes, we have already paid the fees but they still expect you to get this). Then proceed with document verification at counter 17.

The queue at the fees counter had more than 50+ people and was not moving at all, I was so glad that I paid online. The verification counter was empty. The lady inside the counter and people around her from other counters were BUSY dealing directly with touts/agents inside their hall, finally, after some time she verified the documents and told me the chassis number (pencil sketch) should be at the side of the page. I said all MVI (Motor vehicle inspectors) need it at the bottom and from when did this change? She said ok, wrote something, and said to go ahead with the vehicle inspection.

I was waiting for my turn at the vehicle inspection and was drooling at the immaculately maintained RD350. They had about 20 odd 2-wheelers for renewal and I think only 2 of us were without any broker/agent. One assistant was reading out the chassis number and the inspector was verifying the same and he was a bit strict and asked some of them to turn on the vehicle. He was carefully checking for horn, indicators, lights, etc. He rejected few entries saying they did not have a saree guard and another vehicle for some other modification.

He checked my vehicle and made an observation that there are some scratches (I smiled and said that these are regular scratches and the other one was a helmet mark and that should not affect the roadworthiness or performance of the vehicle). He nodded and wrote something in his notebook which he was carrying and asked me to submit the documents to room 19.

At the RTO, they did not allow me in (room 19 was on the 2nd floor inside the building), even after saying that the inspector asked me to submit it there. They made me go to different counters and finally I saw the assistant who was reading out the numbers earlier, he said the Inspector has to sign the document and then they would put an approval seal. It was around 1:10 pm and I thought they would ask me to come after the lunch break, etc. But in about 20 mins inspector came, he recognized me and just signed the document. I submitted this document at counter 15, and he gave me an acknowledgement.

I had also been procrastinating hypothecation removal on my car for the past 5 years, the bank where I took the loan – SBH (State Bank of Hyderabad) got merged with SBI, and my form 35 and NOC were on a letterhead from SBH dated 19 April 2017. Friends and a broker said, I would have to take a new form 35 and NOC from the bank (as the original was valid only for 6 months?). This bank was around 25+ km from my house, and I had no plans of selling my car so this was pushed forever.

But after my pleasant experience with KA 03, I wanted to see if I can get the Hypothecation removed without getting new form 35 or NOC. I searched everywhere (went through multiple documents online) and I did not find a single article where it said, form 35 and NOC should be within 6 months. So paid fees online (the Mobile number was registered earlier).

  • Hypothecation Termination (200)
  • Postal Fee (50)
  • Service/user charge (75)
  • Smart card fee (137)

Vahan website asks you to attach form 35, NOC, and Aadhar online and its file size should be within 200 kb. Scanned the documents through adobe scanner, compressed the pdf file with a free app available on the google store, and uploaded the same, they asked to submit original documents at RTO.

Car was KA 01 registered (Earlier it was in Koramangala – Now it’s moved to HSR Layout). Scene at KA 01 RTO is the same, fees counter had about 20-30 people and the process seems to be really slow. I picked a file outside and filed the documents in the below order.

  • 2 sets of form 35 (Original)
  • NOC from the bank (Original)
  • Insurance Copy
  • Emission certificate copy
  • Self-addressed envelope with Stamps
  • Transparent plastic cover which would hold your RC

The actual process is very simple, some of these crooks in RTO hate that the entire process is online and they are just reduced to document collection. If you have paid the fees online, submitting this should not take more than 10 mins. In my case, they delayed it intentionally. You will have to submit the documents in room 3 on 1st floor. In this room you’ll have different people dealing with a different year of registration i.e. in my case it’s KA 01 MN i.e. it’s MN series and this is collected by a person who sits in one corner.

At first, when I approached him, he acted busy. Some dealer calls him and he collects that file and starts working on it. Happily ignores someone who is waiting for him since 11 AM, and then he lies that the server is down (it was working on all other counters) and I see a reflection of the screen through his glasses. It was working without any issues. Before I could ask him, he picks his phone and goes out to come back after 1 hour!

When he came back, he collected the document, verifies the content, and just updated one entry in the system and the work is done (less than 2 mins).

This was done about 2 weeks back. Current status as per Vahan website, they have removed the Hypothecation on my car and my 2 Wheeler RC also seems to be progressing. Will update once I receive the Original RC.

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