My Hyundai Alcazar ownership: Impressions after 25 days & a 3500km trip

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The fuel efficiency indicator on the cluster has a positive error of ~2.8 to 3 km/l when compared to tankful-to-tankful calculations.

BHPian callmeneo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Came back after a 3500 km trip through Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Had been to the border posts at Nadabet (Gujarat) and Tanot (Rajasthan) to see the neighbours on Diwali.

The Diesel engine just pulls and pulls and reaches triple-digit speeds easily.

The economy was however a bit low to my expectations considering I was driving alone and was mostly cruising at 100 to 120 km/h.

Filled 4 tank fulls and got an average of 17.1, 17.5, 16.9 and 17.6.

And each time the mileage indicator on the cluster has a positive error of ~2.8 to 3 km/l when compared to tankful-to-tankful calculations.

The best mileage was achieved with diesel filled in from Reliance BP bunks.

Using cruise control hurts the mileage if the terrain isn’t flat. Because the cruise control system downshifts and accelerates rapidly to achieve or maintain the set speed. It is really really aggressive as if it has time to keep.

The Dark knight looks gorgeous and has a cool gangster vibe to it at night. People do give a second look at petrol bunks. Guess they are not aware of this model from Hyundai. Some even walked over, peeked in and asked a couple of questions about the car.

Many were impressed by the all-digital instrument cluster and the theatrics it does when it switches the drive modes.

I feel the quality of plastics, switches, and dashboard layout is leagues ahead of the XUV700 (which I had in the comparison list). Keeping the belief that Hyundai does make /have the best quality plastics/dashboard out there.

The 360-degree did prove its mettle when I entered Pathan (Gujarat) and all the roads were choked. While other SUVs struggled to get through the lanes and were leaving huge gaps with pavements, I could easily reduce the gaps by looking at the 360-degree camera feedback on the screen and moving on.

The brakes are good for 1 or 2 passengers but I believe they could have been better. I believe the Apollo also plays a part in the stopping power.

The drive modes do make a difference in the way the vehicle accelerates too.

The auto hold feature is a boon in stop-and-go traffic. If the wait is too long then I also switch to Neutral while the auto hold is still on. One does not need to press the gear shift lock when switching between Drive and Neutral so it’s easier though it’s a danger too because I once accidentally switched it to neutral when I was coasting at 20km/h.

Odo stands at 75xx at the end of 25 days of ownership.

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