'Needy' Greyhound Desperate To Be Involved in Everything Delights Internet

food, 'needy' greyhound desperate to be involved in everything delights internet

Needy Greyhounds. Stock image. Greyhounds are known for being needy dogs.

A hilarious video of a needy greyhound dubbed “the CEO of wanting to be included” has delighted users on TikTok with over half a million views.

In the video, Noodle the greyhound can be seen staring longingly into the camera with her particularly sad looking face, getting involved with a puzzle, helping her owner read a book, and being an expert at working from home.

The video, uploaded by user Shelbean, is captioned: “Gotta love my needy dog.”

The People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals report that: “Greyhounds are gentle, sensitive and very affectionate dogs, usually forming very close bonds with their owner. With the right socialization as puppies, they can make good family pets, but will need to be appropriately socialized with smaller pets due to their strong chase instinct.”

Greyhounds are known for being a quiet and gentle breed that can be aloof with people they don’t know. With their owners, however, they can form a very strong bond, demanding much of their time.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd says that when “denied attention, they can become shy, hyper or both. One-person or one-family dogs, they may display an aloof attitude with strangers. Although generally compatible with children, Italian greyhounds tend to shun rambunctious child’s play.

“They typically get along with cats and other dogs of similar size. Although small, Italian greyhounds bark rather than yap, and they will readily do so to alert their owners to approaching strangers.”

They also report that greyhounds are very much an indoor dog, adding to their reputation as a sensitive breed. “They crave warmth and sometimes resist venturing outside in cold or wet weather. In inclement weather, caregivers should use sweaters or jackets on their Italian greyhounds,” Hill’s Pet Nutrition said.

Despite their desire to be inside, greyhounds do need a short walk a few times a day.

One user commented on the viral video: “hahaha I’ve always wanted a greyhound, I’ve heard they are Velcro dogs,” to which original poster Shelbean replied: “It’s true! Honestly I am very needy as well so when I heard that I was like oh it’s the perfect match.”

User 8725201476390 wrote: “Aww. When we play a card game or board game on the rug, my chihuahua always walks through the game, knocking game pieces over, to sit in the middle.”

User Howard&Vince&Millie said: “All the while doing those huge sighs that they love to do. Just gorgeous.”

User Sunshine commented: “Oh I know that feeling, my grey will want the office door open, go to the bedroom and whine that I didn’t come with… at 11 a.m. on a workday….”

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