New JetBlue App Aims To Solve Trip-Planning Headaches For Family And Friends

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The app allows the various members of a travel group to suggest, vote, and comment on dates, destinations, activities, and more.Photo credit: rafapress / Shutterstock.com

Just about every airline has an app to allow for the purchase and travel of their flights. But JetBlue is taking it to another level.

The airline has introduced Troupe, an app that allows for group planning. The app allows everyone planning a family reunion, golf getaway, bachelor party, or any other group gathering to have a single hub for all the planning details.

“Anyone who has organized a vacation with a group of friends or family knows that getting everyone to agree on details can take the fun out of travel planning,” Andres Barry, president of JetBlue Travel Products, said in a release. “As we continue to look for fresh solutions to ease friction in travel and expand JetBlue’s reputation for great service, the Troupe app aims to simplify group travel planning.”

The app allows the various members of a travel group to suggest, vote, and comment on dates, destinations, activities, and more. The app allows each member of the party to be able to weigh in on the planning process.

How Does Troupe work?

Members of the travel party add Troupe to their phones, join a group, and get to work on their travel plans.

  • Make suggestions: Members can add different destinations, activities, hotel choices, and more, and they are all stored in one location for everyone to see.
  • Vote and comment: Members can vote on different trip options, allowing the group to come to a consensus without one person having to call or message members to reach a conclusion. 
  • Plan: Share links, notes, videos, and any information you want with the group to help with the planning process.
  • Shared space: Your group area is yours. Outsiders not invited to the group cannot weigh in or participate. None of the planning details are influenced by anyone outside the group.
  • Less hassle: With most trip planning, one person is put in charge and has to call or text back and forth with all of the members. This takes that job away and allows everyone to follow along with each other’s needs and desires.

“There’s no denying that planning a vacation for a large group can be overwhelming, especially when everyone’s requirements are different,” said Alexandra Zubko, CEO of Troupe. “Troupe was designed to make group trip planning fun, not stressful, and working with JetBlue Travel Products to bring this product to life was a no-brainer.”

Troupe is available via your smart device’s app store or by visiting Troupe.com. Love leveraging apps? Don’t miss our picks for 4 Must-Have Travel Apps And How They Work.

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