New Oahu Watersports Park Opening In Hawaii Next February — The Activities Available To Visitors

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A rendition of the brand-new Wai Kai Wave projectPhoto credit: Wai Kai

The world’s largest wave pool is coming to Hawaii as part of a $40 million development set to open early next year.

When it’s complete in February, the Wai Kai Wave project will accommodate 30 surfers for 45-minute intervals, according to the developers of the project.

It is part of a larger $100 million project along the Ewa shoreline on Oahu.

“This has to be a facility that attracts people that have never surfed before all the way up to professional surfers,” Larry Caster, director of retail development for Wai Kai Commercial Development, told Hawaii News Now.

In addition to the wave pool, there will be a lagoon, a club, restaurants, and more. Hotels are planned down the line on the Diamond Head side of the project, but developers expect most of the business to come from local residents.

Wave Pool

The wave pool will be the star of the show.

“The 100-foot-wide wave will have the ability to be run as one giant open canvas to shred on (ideal for contests or pro surf demos), but can also be divided into two or three surfing channels with waves that can be adapted from beginner surfers (2- to 3-foot wave) to advanced levels (head-high wave), on demand,” developers say.

It will also accommodate body surfing and other forms of participation besides traditional surfboards.

Developers warn, however, this is for those who actually want to surf and experience the real deal.

“It is not a novelty or amusement product like those that use shallow-water sheet-wave technology at water parks and on cruise ships,” developers claim.

It will also feature a bar and restaurant with surf-side seating, making it a great location to watch the action in the pool.

“You can just kind of visualize yourself hanging out there and having something to eat or a beer in the afternoon,” Caster said.

news and tips, travel news, new oahu watersports park opening in hawaii next february — the activities available to visitors

A rendition of the Wai Kai Lagoon and watersports rental stationPhoto credit: Wai Kai

The Lagoon And More

Developers hope the area will attract more than surfers, primarily with the adjacent 52-acre lagoon.

Proclaimed as Hawaii’s largest inland water body, the lagoon will be designed for paddling and water play, sheltered from the ocean’s currents.

It will feature a rental station for paddle boards, kayaks, a six-person outrigger canoe, and more. There will also be an area for yoga and other activities out of the water.

The Nalo Kai Club will feature an air-conditioned lounge, concierge services, cabanas, and food and drink services. It will be available to both members and those with day passes.

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