Nigella's favourite store cupboard essentials

Fans of Nigella Lawson will be excited to hear that the global food icon has just released some brand new and exclusive recipes.

Nigella has teamed up with Ocado, to create a set of recipes which are low cost and low effort and we’re thrilled as it’s been nearly two years since her latest cookbook launched.

She has also revealed her must-have, store cupboard essentials, which you’ll be able to buy from, with her very own specially curated ‘Nigella Loves’ aisle online.

Nigella’s pantry essentials includes the likes of HP sauce, smooth peanut butter and smoked Tabasco, which are products you’ll likely already have in your pantry at home.

As part of her new partnership with Ocado, the cookery writer will also be releasing more exclusive recipes throughout the year, as well as continuing to add extra products to her ‘Nigella Loves’ aisle as she finds more favourites.

The first four recipes have all been designed to be easy, delicious and feed a family of four for no more than £1.25 per portion and recipes include:

  • A cosy supper stir-fry recipe with an okonomiyaki-style HP sauce
  • A dreamy, creamy peanut butter pasta, which uses the nutty spread to create a voluptuously creamy sauce
  • A feta, black bean and clementine couscous dish using canned beans
  • A speedy steamed golden syrup sponge which results in an incredibly light and fluffy sponge, cooked in the microwave

food, nigella's favourite store cupboard essentials

Feta, black bean and clementine couscous

Nigella said: “I’m so thrilled to be joining with Ocado to come up with everyday recipes to make life easier and more delicious, and share with you the food that I love at home. And, as a long time Ocado shopper, it’s a particular pleasure to highlight the items I buy regularly and build my very own ‘Nigella Loves’ aisle, which I’ll be adding to often as I find new favourites.”

food, nigella's favourite store cupboard essentials

Golden syrup sponge

Nigella Lawson has partnered with Ocado to launch four new and exclusive recipes championing store cupboard staples, all of which feed a family of four for no more than £1.25 per portion. For all recipes and a curated list of Nigella’s favourite Ocado products head to

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