Nogas Island in Anini-y, Antique

If there is an interesting and unforgettable spot I’ve visited during my trip to Antique, Nogas Island in the municipality of Anini-y is definitely on the list.

Anini-y is a laidback town located at the southern tip of the province. Just a few kilometers off its coast is Nogas Island – a 24-hectare government naval reservation island in Antique.

Early in the morning, we traveled from Tibiao to Anini-y, making a quick stop at Tobias Fornier for lunch. I’ve traveled to Tobias Fornier or Dao many years ago for a documentary while working for a TV station. The place brings back a lot of memories, but it’s good to notice a lot of improvements like more paved roads and structures.

It was past lunchtime when we arrived at the Sira-an Hot Spring Resort, the jump-off point going to Nogas Island. All the necessary transactions like registration and payment of Environmental fees are done at the resort. It’s all managed by the LGU of Anini-y. The resort has a small pool with a breathtaking view of rock formations and the vast sea. From that point, Nogas Island is visible. The island is just approximately 5 kilometers from the shore.

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Nogas Island

We had some free time before boarding the boat, so we spent it by listening to the locals’ stories about Nogas Island. It’s funny to even think that the island’s name might come from the phrase “no gas” that situation of lacking enough gasoline to come back to the mainland and get stranded to the island. Thanks for your vivid imagination, but that’s not where the island’s name comes from. The origin actually came from a legend that was passed to many generations, even sometimes adding and omitting some details about the story in the process.

You might hear many versions of the story from different locals but there is one sure similarity. It’s a love story of a slave man named Nogas and the beautiful Maharlika named Anini-y. Just like the usual story of love between two different classes, of rich and the poor – their relationship was forbidden. Anini-y’s clan detests their relationship, until such time that they plotted the murder of Nogas. He was killed and his body was thrown into the sea. Nobody found Nogas’ body and believed to be dead.

Until one day, an island emerged across the town. It was named after Nogas. Anini-y later died from the pain and anguish of losing the love of her life. She was buried at the rocky part of the land across the island. From that spot, a spring emerged then a volcano. It was believed that those were signs of Anini-y’s despair and unending love for Nogas.

explore, travel, nogas island in anini-y, antique

Arriving in Nogas Island

After less than a 20-minute boat ride, we arrived at Nogas Island. You’d instantly feel the rawness and tranquility of an uninhabited paradise. The beach is pristine and rocky at some parts, but you’d notice the clear turquoise waters. There are cottages for rent for a group or family to relax.

Aside from the beach, another main attraction of Nogas Island is the tunnel-like pathway surrounded by calachuchi trees or plumeria. The site looks magical, perfect for those awesome photoshoots. The balmy smell of the trees and surroundings is something to savor and enjoy.

At the end of this pathway is an old lighthouse. It was closed so we weren’t able to climb the tower. Upon exploring further, we spotted this huge banyan tree or balete. Again, it looks dreamy and spellbinding, making you feel that you’re part of a fantaserye setting. Enough of the teleserye reference, the tree is too inviting that some of the team climbed up and explored its grandeur. In the end, we took a group photo.

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look at that

explore, travel, nogas island in anini-y, antique

On our way to the Nogas Island Lighthouse

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The Lighthouse

explore, travel, nogas island in anini-y, antique

The Tree

While going back to the beach, we decided to pick up some trash along the way. It’s our simple way of helping Nogas and the environment. We’ve collected quite a lot of trash. So I encourage everyone, to those who are planning to visit Nogas Island, please take your plastics back to the mainland and dispose of properly.

Later that afternoon, we hopped on a boat back to the mainland and spent some time at the Sira-an Hot Spring Resort. Nogas Island was a great way to cap off our 7-day trip exploring Antique. The next morning we took our flights back to Manila, taking with us all the beautiful memories of the province.

explore, travel, nogas island in anini-y, antique

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How to get to Nogas Island

From Manila via San Jose, Antique

Philippine Airline have flights from Clark to San Jose, Antique which was launched last 2019. If you’re from Manila, you can take the P2P bus (SM North Edsa) to Clark for your PAL flight. From San Jose (full name is San Jose de Buenavista), take a jeepney for a one hour travel to Anini-y. Fare is about PHP 50.

From Manila via Iloilo

Major airlines like Philippines Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia have direct flights from Manila to Iloilo. These airlines also have flights to Iloilo from Cebu, Davao, Clark, and Cagayan De Oro. To travel to Anini-y take a bus or van from Molo Bus Terminal bound to Anini-y or San Jose. Of course, your drop off point is in Anini-y. Always coordinate with the bus conductor.

Please note that aside from flights, you can also travel from Manila to Iloilo by ferry via 2Go. Just an option if you have a limited budget and have ample time to spend during travel.

Book your tickets in advance online here:

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explore, travel, nogas island in anini-y, antique

Pahabol na selfie.

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Where to stay in Nogas Island

As advised, there’s no hotel nor any accommodation on the island itself, so day trip is encouraged. If you’re planning to stay longer in Anini-y or Nogas Island, you can spend the night at Sira-an Hot Spring Resort, the jump-off point to Nogas Island. This is managed by the municipality and has enough rooms for tourists.

Sira-an Hot Spring Resort
Contact Number: +63926-5822984
Rates: P500/night (Fan Room)

If you plan to stay longer in the province, check out these hotels and accommodations in Antique.

Nogas Island Expenses / Budget

Here’s the list of expenses that are important to note for your travel.

Boat Ride to Nogas Island – PHP 500
Environmental Fee – PHP 20
Entrance Fee at Siraan Resort – PHP 20

Nogas Island Tips

  1. Day trips are encouraged as there’s no hotel nor any accommodation on the island.
  2. There are some stories of travelers spending overnight on the island through camping with proper coordination with the caretakers. Again, we are not sure if this is just a one-off case or what. It is still suggested to properly coordinate with the people at the Sira-an Resort as it is managed by the LGU.
  3. Always bring enough food and drinks. There’s no store on the island.
  4. Please bring your trash back to the mainland and dispose of properly.
  5. Coordinate with Siraan Resort if you want to rent snorkeling and other gears.
  6. Always bring cash.
  7. Mobile signal is available so you can still get in touch with friends and families while traveling.

Note: Thank you Antique Tourism Office, Katahum Tours, and Philippine Airlines for this awesome travel to Antique.  PAL flies thrice-weekly from Clark to San Jose, Antique!