Nutrition expert says passengers on flights should order tomato juice

Passengers should slurp on a particular drink if they want to get the most out of their inflight meals when heading on holidays, a nutrition expert has claimed.

It turns out that tomato juice could be the answer to having an enjoyable flight.

Nutrition coach at OriGym Centre of Excellence, Alice Williams, has explained that taste buds notably change when flying and there are some foods passengers should consume to combat this, the Express reported.

“During a flight, two main things happen to the air: the pressure increases and the humidity drops,” she explained.

“This combination of low pressure and dryness is ultimately what makes your taste buds change.

food, nutrition expert says passengers on flights should order tomato juice

glas of tomato juice on a table in an airplane close to the airplane window

“The dryness in a plane also reduces your sense of smell. Since smell actually makes up a large part of how we taste food, this will also affect how food tastes in the air.”

Alice advised people to choose foods full of umami flavours, “since umami is not affected by flying”.

Tomatoes are a particularly good source of umami flavour, “which is why many airlines offer tomato juice as the option of a complimentary drink on their flights,” she explained.

In fact, it’s estimated that one million litres of tomato juice are served on flights around the world every day.

Other foods including umami include soy sauce, tuna and cheeses such as parmesan – so opt for sandwiches with these types of fillings.

For a vegetarian option that will “also taste good” she suggests a cheese and tomato sandwich.

There have been plenty of travel tips and hacks shared by experts throughout the years – including cabin crew sharing their secrets.

Recently a Ryanair flight attendant shared their top tips for ordering from the airline’s famous food trolley.

food, nutrition expert says passengers on flights should order tomato juice

Rear view of people flying in the airplane with flight attendant serving refreshment

One piece of advice they offered for those perusing the snack menu is to go for the hot drinks.

“The coffee and hot chocolate are actually quite good, particularly the coffee,” they said.

“The coffee is proper filter stuff. I’d drink it.”

One item that they pass on however, is the Twix.

“Honestly, the price of a bar of chocolate onboard,” they continued. “It’s £2.25 for a Twix. I wouldn’t go for that. I would bring my own with me.”

The price of a 75g Twix from Tesco is 80p, meaning the cost on a Ryanair flight is almost three times more.

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