Ola electric car interior teased, new SUV bodystyle previewed

Ola Electric has put out another teaser for its upcoming electric cars. The company plans on launching six EVs across two platforms, the first of which will debut by mid-2024. This time, there is a clearer view of the EV’s interiors, although it’s still far from a full reveal.

motor, motors, ola electric car interior teased, new suv bodystyle previewed

Ola electric car interiors, features

The teaser suggests the interior of the Ola Electric car will get a minimalistic layout with a layered dash design with ambient lighting highlights. A large landscape-oriented screen in an all-black cabin holds centre stage. This will interact with the MoveOS and control most amenities expected in a modern car. There should be the typical traits of a fully BEV architecture with large open footwells and good interior space with dual-tone upholstery.

motor, motors, ola electric car interior teased, new suv bodystyle previewed

Also seen is a rectangular steering wheel which seems to control many of the car’s functions. There are buttons for the usual controls as well as what seem like capacitive touch pads to control various functions including the expected ADAS. There should also be a small digital instrument cluster.

Ola electric car exteriors

The car teased here is different from the four-door coupe-like design Ola previously showcased. This could be another one of the six vehicles Ola plans to bring to market, being a fairly large SUV. However, it does share quite a few design similarities with the earlier shown sedan, pointing to Ola Electric trying to create a distinct family face.

motor, motors, ola electric car interior teased, new suv bodystyle previewed

So you see a heavily aero-influenced bodywork with sharp angles and smooth surfaces. The SUV seems to carry quite squat proportions with a heavily dropping roofline. The front fascia is dominated by a full-width LED light signature in the front with an illuminated Ola logo with the headlamps being of a two-part LED design.

Ola Electric car specifications, features, range

Ola Electric has revealed some broad details about its first electric car, although with an SUV now being shown we don’t know if these stats still hols true. The Ola Electric car will not be a bare-bones mass-market offering, focusing on high levels of performance and technology. The company says the EV will have a 0 to 100 kmph time of under 4 seconds while still having a 500 km range. The car will have a low 0.21 drag coefficient and come with an all-glass roof.

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