Once You Get an Air Fryer, You May Never Want to Turn on Your Oven Again

If you love the taste of deep-fried, crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside foods, but hate the inconvenience of using all that cooking oil (not to mention all the extra calories), it’s probably time to get an air fryer for your kitchen.

These buzzy appliances are a way-less messy alternative to frying foods the old-fashioned way in a stovetop pan or deep-fryer, and you can make almost all of the same fried foods that you love in them. Although anything that’s coated in a wet batter or chunky dredging won’t work, you can simply swap out the heavy batter for a light coat of oil or seasoning, and you’ll be golden (and crispy).

The Best Air Fryers

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What to Consider


An important consideration when it comes to air fryers is their capacity and countertop footprint. On average, air fryers have a capacity of 6–8 quarts, although in this guide we’ve included models with tiny 2-quart and sizable 19-quart capacities.

Because these are typically not large appliances, and anything cooked in them has to be spread out in a single layer — so making big batches of pork chops, chicken thighs, and any other large cuts of meat in them might be more trouble than it’s worth. They’re a good fit for smaller households and smaller dishes.


Simple air fryer models can be manually operated via dial, while others have lots of preset buttons for crisping up certain foods at different temperatures. Some of these are also kitchen multitaskers that can grill, bake, toast, or dehydrate food, as well as air-fry ingredients.

While the button-operated models look and feel a bit more modern, the manual devices work just as well (and may be less finicky).


Air fryers are not set-and-forget appliances like slow cookers are. They are essentially small convection ovens, and even if they have preset timers and an auto shut-off function, you do not want to leave these running unattended. So, keep in mind that you will have to check in on your air fryer as it runs to ensure that nothing inside starts burning or smoking.

We evaluated these air fryer models based on the type of features they offer, their countertop footprint for fitting into kitchens big and small, and reviewer feedback for their immediate and long-term use.

Whether you just don’t want to turn on your oven or get stung by hot oil in your pan anymore, having an air fryer sitting at the ready on your countertop can help crisp up your favorite foods to perfection much more quickly and healthfully. Here are the nine best air fryers that make for ideal kitchen sidekicks.

Best Overall

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Premium Airfryer XXL


The Philips Premium Airfryer XXL has a range of settings that allows you to bake, roast, and even grill your foods, and it comes with one frying basket. It also features a smart preset button that memorizes the settings for your favorite and most frequently cooked recipes. Reviewers love how easy this unit is to clean and that its 7-quart capacity can fit some pretty generous portions. Because of its sleek design, ease of use and cleanup, and its manageable size, we’re naming this model as our best overall air fryer.

When we asked chef Celeste Rogers about her tips and tricks for using an air fryer (check out the very bottom section!), we also had to know what her preferred model is, and this air fryer gets her stamp of approval. She likes that it uses a patented “starfish” fan to evenly circulate air in a way that delivers crispy results from edge to edge, which means you won’t end up with soggy fried chicken wings or mushy fries.

Best for Big Batches

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer


We know we said air fryers are typically small-ish appliances that aren’t meant for making large batches, but this is one notable exception: The Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer has a sizable 18-quart capacity and can do everything from bake and broil to toast and dehydrate… and so much more. Of course, it can also air-fry with the best of them.

This stainless steel air fryer is fully equipped with preset times and temps for popular fried meals and snacks, but it also lets you manually adjust the temperature range anywhere from 80 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set its convection fan on low or high.

Reviewers say that it cooks “hot and fast,” and they love its sizable window, which makes it a notable standout from many other air fryers — this allows you to clearly check on the progress and ensure that nothing gets burnt to a crisp.

User-Friendly Design

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer


Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean ineffective, and the user-friendly GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer is proof. The classic design comes with eight cooking preset buttons for cooking chicken, pork, shrimp, chips, fish, and even cake!

It also has customizable temperature and time controls for recipes, along with specific cooking instructions. When running on a timer, it will sound a clear beep to indicate when it’s done, and it will also automatically shut off by itself. With its 3.7-quart capacity, it’ll fit about eight chicken wings or a medium-sized batch of fries.

Although some reviewers really don’t like that the exterior is made of plastic, it is touted as being a very quiet unit — its fans aren’t nearly as loud as your stovetop range.

Plenty of Presets

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Air Fryer Max XL


Cosori makes a few different air fryers, all of which are of excellent quality — but the COSORI Air Fryer Max XL is a great midsized model that’ll whip up a meal for two or snacks for days in a jiffy. This unit also features an easy-to-read LED touchscreen with 11 preset cooking functions, including frozen foods, meats, vegetables, and even french fries.

Many reviewers who “hate cooking” love using this device because it pretty much does all of the hard work with the press of a button. (Plus, it looks great on the countertop.) Its dishwasher-safe, nonstick basket inserts also allow for easy cleanup. And if you’re looking for some more inspiration, this model includes a helpful air-fryer cookbook, which includes 100 great recipes to try out. Just keep in mind that this one has a plastic exterior, and reviewers do note that its fan is loud while it’s running.

Best Countertop Aesthetic

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer


The Beautiful by Drew Barrymore 6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer has no dials, knobs, or buttons — instead, it is completely controlled by an LED touchscreen. With the tap of a button, you can instantly start air frying, roasting, reheating, or dehydrating your food.

With 1,700 watts of power for super-fast preheating and cooling, this air fryer is incredibly reasonably priced and will look beautiful on your countertop. Reviewers also love its 60-minute automatic shut-off function for added safety and peace of mind, especially when cooking with the family.

Side-By-Side Cooking

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Foodi 4-in-1 Air Fryer


Who says you have to stop at just an air fryer? Not us! The Ninja Foodi 4-in-1 Air Fryer combines the functionality of an air fryer with two independently functioning 4-quart frying zones, each with its own cooking basket, cyclonic fan, and rapid heater. So, in other words, you can be air-frying chicken wings in one basket for carnivores and cauliflower or Brussels sprouts in the second for your vegetarian dinner guests.

Its 4-in-1 versatility means the Ninja Foodi can be used to air fry, roast, reheat, and dehydrate, so you end up saving major time and energy. Reviewers with families love being able to cook two different things quickly and simultaneously with just one appliance.

Most Compact

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker


If you’re limited on kitchen space and looking for a smaller model, the lightweight and super cute DASH Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker is your best bet. With a 2.6-quart nonstick fryer basket, simple-to-use temperature controls, and an automatic turn-off feature, this best-selling air fryer is user-friendly, compact, and stylish.

Beyond the sleek aesthetic, there are a few clever built-in features that make this air fryer model particularly user-friendly and versatile. Its 30-minute timer shuts off automatically, eliminating the possibility of overcooking or burning, which makes this unit safe for families to use. It also shuts off when the cooking drawer is removed. The easy-to-read dual temperature-control dials allow the user to adjust the heat for a variety of different foods and recipes.

One reviewer calls this an “adult Easy-Bake Oven,” and we have to say that’s spot on. This petite pick can cook a wide range of bites in just a fraction of the time a full-size oven can.

7-in-1 Functionality

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Air Fryer and Convection Toaster Oven


If you live in a smaller space, getting a multipurpose appliance is a no-brainer. The IRIS Air Fryer and Convection Toaster Oven has seven functions in total, and it can fry wings just as easily as it can bake a cake.

Our parenting editor, Cat Bowen, swears by this air fryer and says that “this machine can do everything from bake bagels from scratch to toast them up the next day. I’ve made whole chickens, bundt cakes, chicken thighs, and tater tots with it, and they all come out great.” She advises that the air fryer is a little bit slow to heat, so following the directions carefully is key here.

Still, she says, “It’s a great choice for families who want a powerful air fryer but also need it to do more than just one thing. It’s pretty big, but considering all its functionality and the fact that it replaces several devices, it’s awesome. Plus, you don’t need to heat up your whole kitchen in the summer to bake a cake.”

Easy Dual Dials

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer


Air fryers don’t need all the bells and whistles to be effective (although, yes they can certainly help). The BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer may not have all the fancy preset buttons, but it does have temperature and time control options, which are all you need if you plan to follow recipes that include this information. But just in case, this air fryer also comes with an instruction manual that tells you which temperatures are best for most foods.

The timer runs for up to an hour, and the machine will automatically turn off when your cook time is up. You’ll also find a temperature range of 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the basket holds enough for two to four servings, with a 2-liter capacity. If you don’t like the look of glowing displays and prefer simpler tech, the dials on this air fryer are as straightforward as it gets — however, some reviewers do say that the numbers on them can be hard to read.

Ask an Expert: Air Frying 101 With Chef Celeste Rogers

food, once you get an air fryer, you may never want to turn on your oven again

celester rogers, assistant resident chef sur la table

To demonstrate just how limitless cooking with an air fryer truly is, we worked alongside Celeste Rogers, recent Chopped Champion and former assistant resident chef at Sur La Table, who showed us a wide array of kitchen applications for using an air fryer — from savory to sweet.

The key to success, according to Rogers, is understanding how an air fryer works. “Manage your expectations and realize that an air fryer is basically a small, but high-performing convection oven.”

Rogers points out that an air fryer is much less about frying and more about a healthier means of cooking traditionally fried foods. She explains, “Rapidly circulating hot air dries and crisps while cooking your food. Name aside, there is no actual frying going on here!”

Chef Celeste’s Top Expert Tips and Tricks

Invest in a High-Heat Cooking Oil Spray

To optimize the performance of your air fryer, you’re going to need to invest in a high smoke point, neutral-flavored vegetable oil spray. Chef Celeste’s favorite is either safflower or grapeseed oil, but canola will also do. You’ll need to spray the basket to prevent sticking and spray the surface of your food to ensure proper golden crisping.

Avoid Wet Batters

Things can go very wrong when it comes to battered food (think beer-battered onion rings, tempura shrimp, etc.). Wet batters are off-limits because the food will stick to — or even drip — through the basket. Instead, Chef Celeste recommends sticking with a drier dredged coating (think panko-crusted cutlets, coconut-crusted shrimp, or even fried pickles).

Give Your Food Some Breathing Room

You’ll need to give your food a bit of breathing room to properly air-fry it. If pieces are touching, you’ll get uneven browning and less crisping. This means you can only make small batches — or sometimes, even just single servings.

Check out the video below for more of Chef Celeste’s expert air fryer tips and tricks!

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